Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What we allow...

It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. 

Actions are cruel. Words are harsh. But, probably more so than that.... thoughts can be devastating. 

We allow peoples' words and actions towards us to weigh us down. To cause us pain. To remind us that the past exists and that we can't change it.  

I don't know about you but this icky feeling of sorrow. I allow it to bring me down. Yes, I do. I am human. Allowing things to happen is normal. 

The trick is to remember that our Blessings, our strengths, and our new beginnings are much bigger than our past and it's pain. That sometimes people like to hurt you because of their own ill twisted pain. Who knows if they do it intentionally or not. But, life goes on. We need to not only put those thoughts behind us but overcome them

We are not what those words tell us we are. We are better than that...we are far more Blessed. And, yes...life does go on. It's not perfect but it's worth living for. 

We cannot allow hurtful words and the past to take over our thoughts, it ruins your mind and heart. 

Today, I am sitting in the peace and love that my children bring into my life, focusing on what I am, what I have accomplished, what I have (not materialistically) but as a person...as a Woman. I am a Mother.  I am educated. I work hard day in and day out. I have beautiful girlfriends who surround me daily. I have a family that has been through so much and still we are standing. I have a Sister who has always been my best friend. 

I am who I say I am, not what others what we me to feel I am. 

I am not perfect, or the most beautiful or the smartest but I work hard for the life I have created. I don't have it all but I am a person who respects others and is loyal and faithful. As well as faith-filled. 

This too, shall pass....

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