Friday, May 2, 2014

::Children's Books:: #RealCincodeMayo Blog Hop Edition

In an effort to constantly educate my children about our culture, where we come from and the history of Texas and yes, Mexico; I wanted to create a short book list that could help my toddlers learn a little more about Cinco de Mayo. 

I am pretty sure I have written about Cinco de Mayo once before, because just like my children I also love learning about Mexico and it's history. I grew up in Texas and spent most of my grade school summer vacations and winter breaks in Mexico; mostly the border town of Reynosa and a few summers in Cuernavaca. I have since vacationed with my Husband to several places in Mexico such as San Luis Potosi, Guanajuato and Michoacan. 

Due to the current problems in Mexico my children have only visited Mexico once {Reynosa} and it was for about 2 days. But, they love books and they love what they already know about Mexico. My son calls it the "republic of Mexica". Slowly but surely they have come to realize that we live in a home with diverse cultures. We embrace our home, the U.S. but we also love to learn about where our parents, Grand-Parents and Great-Grand Parents came from, Mexico.

This list was created with my 3 and 4 year old in mind; there are plenty of other age appropriate books that will assist older children learn more about Cinco de Mayo, why it's celebrated and it's traditions. 

When I am trying to teach my children more about the Mexican culture, I seek books with the following characteristics; 

1.I look for at least one of the authors to be Hispanic to teach my children about Hispanic/Latino authors.

2.I look for colorful pictures because my children are toddlers they love pictures.

3.And, finally I love Bilingual or books written in Spanish because it helps my children learn our second language, Español.  

The following books were my Top 3 online choices to help us learn about Cinco de Mayo in a toddler friendly manner: 

Two of the books are bilingual and they have great illustrations!

{Book Pictures from: AMAZON.COM}

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Brenda Cisneros said...

Great tips to keep the kids practicing Spanish

Candy said...

Love these tips! I am going to find these books for my little boys tomorrow. :) Thanks Connie!

Blanca De Dios said...

Thanks for the tips! I'm always looking for books for my girls.
Happy ~late~ 5 de Mayo~