Monday, June 9, 2014

::Queridos Hijos:: #LessonsLearned

::Dear Children:: 

If you’re a Momma or are around children then you know that moment in the movie “The Croods” were Grug decides to throw his family over the cliff into the light knowing that he would disappear into the darkness. It’s an intense moment; as a parent making life changing and difficult decisions that may or may not ultimately benefit your family as a whole, is a challenge.

It’s what we do though and sometimes we have to make these difficult decisions even if our family members don’t understand why. In the end we know they are necessary for us to move forward to evolve and grow! As a Momma I make these decisions daily maybe right now, not as difficult as those made by Grug but I make decisions none-the-less. The decisions are sometimes filled with fears and doubt of what the outcome may be but they are always made with the best intentions at heart.  

I know that one day as my children you will probably “hate me” for not allowing you to go out and do some random activity with your friends  but trust me “es por tu bien”. And, I pray that when you achieve and accomplish you will be able to see the light and understand why as parents we make the choices that we make.

I love you so intensely everyday more and more!



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30on...Mom! said...

Know what you mean. I didn't know what people meant when they said love hurts until I had children. You are doing great job<3