Monday, June 30, 2014

Team Izzy #teamizzy #cancersucks

Cancer is not a fun word. It's actually a word that I have learned to know well. Last year in November   my family lost a special person in our lives to Cancer. For a small family the moment was devastating and life-changing.

I want to be able to help make a difference and tell the story of those amazing families who have to go these difficult moments and endure the pain of Cancer. Until now, I didn't know how I would do this and then I through the magical world of Facebook I met, Esther Garcia and her daughter Isabella.

As parents learning that your child has Cancer cannot be easy. Thankfully Esther was able to notice that something was just not right with her baby girl and took action. Further than that, she is taking action by helping raise money while taking her child through medical treatments.

::Here is Izzy's story as told by Esther::

One morning she woke up saying her neck was hurting but we didn't think anything of it because it would come and go. Another morning she woke up throwing up and said she wanted to sleep so she slept and threw up all day, we thought it was just a bug but the next morning she was the same. We then took her to the hospital and the doctor noticed how she was walking and said he wanted to do a CT scan. So, the scan  was done and it came back and in less then 5 minutes the doctor said she had a big mass on the back of her head.  We were transferred to the main campus of Texas Children's Hospital that Friday where they put a tube in her head to relieve the pressure. The following Monday she had a major surgery to take the tumor out. When they saw it they told us it was all sitting on top of her brain and stretched to the front of her head. The name of the  tumor is called Ependymoma, it is Cancer but not the "really bad kind" that's why she is getting radiation treatments. If this doesn't work out the way they want it to she will have to do Chemo, God willing she won't. In total she has had 4 surgeries and 4 week of treatment 2 more to go and next 6 years of CT scans, X-rays and doctors visits to make sure it doesn't grow back. She has a permanent tube in her head that goes from the top of her head to her belly, that's going to be in her for the rest of her life and a port in her chest I don't know how long she is going to have that in.

In order to help pay for her medical bills we decided to create and sell shirts; anything and everything we get from the t-shirts helps us a little bit more than yesterday....

Thank you for the help and support if people are interested in purchasing a t-shirt please let me know your name, size and color (white or purple) and you can get a hold of me on Facebook or via email at

The shirts are $20 each, white or purple, Small-4-XL

Esther has another daughter her name is Layla and is married to her high school sweet heart; they have been together for 6 years. She is a Stay-at-Home Momma and Wife...and amazing of course!

Help this Houston family raise funds and Childhood Cancer awareness;

::2015 Update::

Izzy continues to be victorious over this battle but still needs your help!!!

Her family is also holding a raffle for more information you can contact her Momma on her FB page:

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