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Saboree Su Salud ::United Healthcare Event::

::Momma Disclosure:: {This is a compensated post. I was invited to collaborate with United Healthcare in hosting the Saboree Su Salud Private Event and cooking demonstration. All statements below and opinions are my own and are true and honest.}

When I remember dinner time in my house as a child I think of amazing homemade Mexican food created by my parents. The spicy and tasteful flavors. Sometimes it was somewhat healthy and some days it was just delicious! What I know now is that those meals while absolutely filling in the long run weren’t always the best choices for our health. These days my family lives with the reality of Diabetes at an early age, cholesterol and high blood pressure. While our foods and traditions have been lasting we don’t want to allow disease to overwhelm our lives so that we can no longer enjoy family, food and culture.

My Husband and I both have a history of health problems on both sides of our families. Our goal as Mexican-American’s is to keep eating those traditional Hispanic foods that we love and enjoy while also seeking healthier alternatives to what we feed our family. The balance some nights becomes a true challenge. As a Mexican-American family one of the most important times in our home is; as my son would call it , "comida time"! But, making the best decisions that will not affect our health can be something that often leads us to eating the same thing night after night.

Which is why I love what United Healthcare/AARP is doing with their new cooking demonstrations and seminars to learn a little more about healthy alternatives to traditional Latin favorites; such as the tasty Arroz con Leche prepared last week by Chef Lydia Gonzlaez. Her demonstration included teaching us how the smallest changes can make a big healthy difference and we don't have to lose our unique and usual taste as Hispanics in our kitchens and homes! My Tia Nina was my guest that day and although her way is set in stone she was definitely open to trying Chef Lydia's recipe as it proved to satisfy her taste buds!

Chef Lydia will also be at the upcoming Houston cooking demonstrations hosted by United Healthcare/AARP and we urge the Houston community to attend as they will not be disappointed! Lydia Gonzalez, who will be leading the cooking demonstration, is the founder of and chef at the Latino Culinary Institute in Dallas.

The seminars are part of a summer kick-off series by United Healthcare they are completely free and open to the public more information can be obtained by calling 1866-296-9489 {Code: 8FJ} or see the information below!

The Medicare education Seminars and cooking demonstrations will be conducted in Spanish to make it easier for Spanish speaking beneficiaries to get the information needed.

Las dos fechas en las que estarán haciendo las demostraciones de cocina y las sesiones de Medicare son:
August 5, 2014, 10 am, at Southwest Multi-Service Center, 6400 High Star Drive, Houston, TX 77074

August 6, 2014, 11 am, at Ring Neighborhood Library, 8835 Long Point Road, Houston, TX 77055

Upcoming seminars in other cities see below;
Aug. 19-21: Brooklyn and Queens, NY
Sept. 9-11: San Diego, Chula Vista and San Ysidro, CA
Sept. 23-26: Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Oct. 8-9: Ft. Worth, TX

[All information below was provided by United Healthcare representatives;

::Some more details about the Seminars::

The seminars are being held across six states, including Texas, through October to help Hispanic-American beneficiaries learn how to find Medicare coverage that best fits their health needs and budget.

During the educational seminar, participants will learn about their Medicare options as well as the basics of Medicare.

Bilingual representatives will be available to answer beneficiaries’ questions about Medicare coverage options that will meet their health and financial needs.

::UnitedHealthcare’s Commitment to Hispanic-American Beneficiaries::

UnitedHealthcare’s mission is to help seniors and other Medicare beneficiaries live healthier, more secure lives.

Understanding Medicare and their health care coverage options is a key component of achieving optimal health and wellness.

Over the past three years, UnitedHealthcare has hosted more than 90 Medicare education seminars that were specially designed to meet the needs of Hispanic-American Medicare beneficiaries and help them better understand the Medicare program.

Through these interactive and informative seminars, Hispanic-American beneficiaries have received the information they need – in their own language – to help them make more informed decisions about their health care coverage options. ]

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