Monday, September 1, 2014

Hola Septiembre! #mommaofdos

People say I am a dreamer... oh yeah and a little crazy and ambitious too.

I am.

And, like August, September has so much meaning. In 2004 it was a difficult eye opening month for our family. It was never ending and hopeless we almost lost my father to addiction a situation my family doesn't take lightly. Our story was written, our lives were changed....then 5 years later a complete 360. Hope, faith, life, rebirth. My son was born {Sept. 16th}, he was the light, the tie, the sign of good that we all needed. And, my father, like everyone else...fighting to live life once again, taking charge of his life and regaining his family.

Not only is September my Son's birth month, it's also the month that was honored with my Momma's birth {Sept.26th}. That same woman that experienced life in the most painful way and today is the only reason why I never, ever, EVER give-up. Her and my son are part of my motivation. My inspiration. My reason. My faith. My life.

It's also Hispanic Heritage month, AJUAH!!!!  {September 15th-October 15}

And, {September 16th} Mexico's Independence Day!!! AJUAH!!!!

Every month since May I have told myself, I am going to take a break but I only take on more projects and more collaborations. And, I am tired but you know what I wouldn't have it any other way! I don't know where this road is leading me to but I am running it and I can't give up now.... or ever...

My Momma always says.... "Si vas a hacer algo, hazlo bien!" Which is probably why I never give-up on my dream for this little here blog, which is why I believe in being consistent and finding time for my priorities!

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