Thursday, September 18, 2014

::My 5 year Old Son:: Santi's Birthday Letter

On September 16th...5 years ago after about 24 hours of awesomely painful labor my life created a full circle. Our Son was born. This is his yearly birthday letter. {for more on Santi's Birth-story click ::HERE::}

My Beautiful Baby Santiago,

On this day, I love you, I cherish you and I am so thankful for you. I cannot believe that you are 5 years old, it was only yesterday that you were a tiny chubby baby cuddled into my arms in a hospital bed. Your tiny heart beating with mine, your tiny hands and feet so soft and precious. You were a baby.

Today, you are a handsome little, eye rolling, back talking 5 year old with so much attitude. Talk about a personality. None of this is meant out of ill feelings; you are only 5 and still learning your ways, and yes you are a little stubborn. A little spoiled. And, know very well what you want.

But you know what? We love that about you.

You don't allow anyone to push you around or tell you what to do but you are also respectful and kind when needed. If you do feel pushed around you are quick to let us know that we are being "mean" or your new word, being "bullies". 

You are smart and imaginative. Creative and a story teller. You love to dress up in anything "Mexican" like your GranPa Chuy's black sombrero and anything "Super-Pee-Row" related.

You know your Bible stories and can tell them to us in one breath and as if they all happened at once. You pray for us all every morning, especially for GranPa Chuy and his missing teeth. {sorry but they are still missing}. Your prayers are usually so thought-filled and genuine, always far more than I except. 

When you want to be, you are the absolute best older Brother, protecting and caring for your "Sis-der". She loves you so much. To her you are the best in the world, no matter what.

You are my warrior, my strength, my courage. You live life on the edge, as much as  a 5 year old can. You live life to the fullest. It's contagious. We admire that about you. You never have a bad day and even when you do, you manage to turn it around or simply fall asleep.

You are full of energy and light. Your heart is pure and growing healthy and strong. You have no real fears, except for cockroaches. Those you hate.

You are playing soccer {or "staulker" as you call it} this year and even though on most days you claim to be "scared" of it only because you want to rush home to your I-Pad {which is really mine} to watch YouTube videos! But, no matter what you end up giving it your all and loving it every time we go to practice. You are like this about most things...all or nothing. 

Some days you are all about the "feelings" and everything we say causes you to cry, other days you have the attitude of a teenager. As your parents we are learning with you. How to care for you, how to love you and how to be there for you. You are at times more patient than us. 

You love pizza like the Ninja Turtles. Right now you want to go see the Boxtrolls even though no other kid your age or adult knows what that is! You love watching cartoons and playing with ALL your toys at once. Yes, fun times, our house looks like a toy store blew up,

You have a great imagination and can create a whole war in a matter of minutes on the living room floor or play a businessman who has very important work to do and just cannot be bothered.

You have a pretty awesome life, and so many people love you. I hope that you never forget that. I pray that you can appreciate those people who are in your life and who have been there for us from day one. 

One of your favorite people in this world is your cousin, Olin. You love to dance and your "body just moves on it's own", especially when the telenovela theme songs come on. Your dance moves, well they are pretty awesome and I get it from yo'momma! 

You are amazing. You are beautiful and you are and will forever be our baby. Until you get too old and have to move out of the house..just sayin'... 

Happy Birthday!!!! 

We love you more than words.

Momma, Daddy, & Cami

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