Saturday, October 11, 2014

Crafty Chica in Houston! #craftychicatour #latinapower

{::Momma of Dos:: This is not a compensated post. I RSVP'd to meet Kathy Cano-Murillo at the private Houston meet and greet for her Crafty Chica Tour hosted by Juan of Words. All opinions and statements below are my true and honest experiences.}

A couple of weeks ago I was able to meet and chat with well known Latina Artist, Entrepreneur, Blogger, & Author Kathy Cano-Murillo.  As she was in Houston promoting her Craft Chica product line in Michael's stores. Sitting with her that night really set my brain on fire in a very motivating way. Her wit and sense of humor are so contagious. It was like sitting with an old friend who I just hadn't seen in years. 

What she doesn't know is that I have been staulking  following her for years now, years. So, as I contained my Blogger-Star-Struck-ness ::real word:: I took in all of her advice and positive spirits. She really sets off a vibe of empowerment and true sense of community. All of which I look for in those women whom I consider great Latina role models. She inspired me right out of bed at 1:27 a.m. last night as these words just came to me!

One of the biggest things I am recently struggling with is focus and organization. As a writer it's hard to lose these things and continue to be successful. Thankfully, our conversation that night with Kathy lead to an awesome mentor session. The 3 most important tips that I took away  from that night about maintaining focus and being organized were as follows:

1.:: Make Lists :: Kathy said that she is a list maker. She creates lists with her ideas and projects she wants to accomplish. She loves notebooks and pens. {A woman after my own heart.} But,the real organization comes in when she categorizes those lists from easy to difficult. You then work your way from those goals/ideas/projects that are easy to accomplish to those that may take a little more time or you might have to brainstorm a little longer about. Makes sense. 

2. ::Prioritize::  She then said that she takes her lists and selects 2 things from that list and gives them a deadline. She then turns on her "laser beam" focus and completes those 2 tasks close to or by her deadline and then...continues down through her lists. Kathy stated; "turn on your laser beam focus and that {idea/project} will light on fire!" That's the type of focus I want in  my life and for my projects the kind that will ignite the flame and set it all off! Loved it. 

3. ::Be Prepared:: Finally, she stated "Always be prepared for an opportunity, never wait for it." Sounds easy and simple enough. And, true. Why wait for the opportunity to come up for you to start working on your projects or ideas? Simply be ready for it when it does comes. Prepare, stock-up and create so that you are not be caught off guard.    

Kathy is a business savvy, genuinely creative and fearless Latina who is so down-to-earth and real! Most importantly she is not afraid to laugh at herself, which is just amazing! That night we laughed so much, she inspired me and in her presence I had that sense of Latina Empowerment that I want to be a part of. She used the word Latina Power and it just made me reflect on what that really means. 

To me Latina Power is about supporting one another when you are truly trying to build up a strong Latina community and there is no room for egos or jealousy, simply genuine engagement to create a strong and lasting presence.  

Focus on your dreams and anything is possible.~Momma of Dos 

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