Friday, October 3, 2014

::Friday Letters:: ....with a little rant... kinda..sorta

Dear Friday, 

Do you know that it's October 3rd? Let me say that again. OCTOBER 3rd, where in the heck did the last 9 months go?!?!?!? No really, this is a joke right. OCTOBER. Only 3 months for 2015 to be here? I am not ready for this. 

Emotionally Freaking Out!

Dear Friday, 

I am beat. No really like to the ground. I need to find time, organization and did I mention time? Maybe finding my mind and some sanity would be good too. Our little family is so busy, every week that my time just never seems to be enough. Note to self: taking things off my plate should not be followed by adding bigger more difficult things to my life! Ahii. 

Thanks for not having my back Friday! You owe me some major amount of margaritas! 

Dear Friday, 

Ignore my rants the lack of sleep is causing a total meltdown and I am really OK, I just need a nap. NO really, I am fine. ::hi, my name is Connie and sleep is for weak.:: 


Dear Life,

Thank you for the last 9 months, you have no idea the amount of people of I have invested in who in return have inspired and motivated me to this very place and moment. I think that I have propelled into a very good place and I am happy. I am blessed. A little tired and out of my mind but in a good place to start over and begin the bigger journey. My true purpose. To follow my passion and see my goals through. 

Thankfully yours, 
This Momma

Dear Life, 

Have I thanked you for my little family yet? I do this Monday thru Thursday and the weekends too. And, yes, my kids are a lot nutty but they are the cutest little brown people I have ever met. My son has perfected his Mexican grito every time a corrido, tejano song or ranchera comes on the radio, it's amazing really. Camila will cuss randomly but is such an angel and can recite her Bible School versus perfectly. :: Please don't judge she is 3 1/2 and learning:: My kids are human and our lives are real. We are not perfect and we do make mistakes and are learning everyday..but that doesn't mean that I will ever force my family to be something we are not. We do have faults and we also have hopes and faith. I do believe in creating respectful and responsible law abiding citizens in our home but I don't believe in being fake or being what others think we should be. So, my children are who they are... and every day that is acceptable to me. 

Thank you for teaching me everyday a new lesson in life, 
Momma of Dos 

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