Monday, November 17, 2014

:: 5 Lessons I want my kids to learn from Traveling::

::Life is too Short::
Life is too short, we work so hard everyday, it is only fair to as they hard as well! I want my children to enjoy their childhood, so many children don't get to experience this. It's a difficult world and there are some things that I want to make easy for my kids. Having fun and laughing together is so important. There is also the balance of not spoiling them or giving them everything they want. It will be a challenge I am sure. I want them to appreciate us as parents, the world as a whole and the fact that not everything comes easy. 

Learning cultures, languages and life in other places of the world is something that I am very happy to have learned about growing up. You will be surprised the ignorance in our world and how much people don't know about other cultures, ways of life or parts of the world. I want my children to rise above that and know that the world is filled with differences that should be learned about, acknowledged and at times simply accepted. I don't want my children to be blinded or sheltered from reality. The world is what it is.

::To Explore/Discover::
The best way for my children to gain real life experience and to grow as tiny individuals is by allowing them to explore and discover! What better way then for them to discover, than to travel and introduce them to new places, new life, new culture. Their little brains are developing and taking it all in, such an amazing time to teach and fill not only their minds but hearts, spirits and souls as well.

::Try new things::
My Hubby and I will always willing to try something at least once; new food, new activity, new adventures... we want our children to be the same; adventurous, easy going and to live life to the fullest. For me the only way to do this is to step outside of your comfort zone and do just one thing that you wouldn't do daily. Life becomes so routine it's easy to get stuck in doing the same thing day in and day out, instead I want us to do new things that will bring our family closer and help us learn more about one another and our surroundings. 

::Family Travel {& Time} is Important::
My Husband traveled as a children with his parents, mostly to Mexico but all he knows is it was the best memories he has of his family and his childhood. For me, I like to say that my parents were nomads, we traveled to live in almost every major city in Texas. Dallas, Houston and "the Valley" or South Texas. We also lived in Detroit, Michigan and traveled many years to and from Detroit to Texas. We also visited family in several areas of Mexico. Again, those are some of the best memories I have from my childhood. My parents and siblings together as a unit. And, it's what I want for my children.

What about you, how do you help your children learn more about the world around us?

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