Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Why I don't rush on Monday's...

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Our lives are filled with "hurry let's get this done" and "hurry let's get out the door". Especially over the weekend. A while back I realized that come Monday morning if I wasn't on time I began to get frustrated and realized how things just didn't go my way. I decided that I would stop. Especially on Mondays. 

Our weekends are filled with fun activities, family visits and new adventures for the most part. Come Monday morning even my Husband and I are completely exhausted. Therefore for the following reasons...I don't rush on Monday's. 

1) I Don't like to Yell- When I rush, I get frustrated and become upset. I find myself mad at everyone and raising my voice. I often feel like an awful person when I yell. So, I don't like yelling. I am sure my kids hate it too. Since I do it every other day, why not take a break on Monday. It makes for a much easier day for everyone. No deep heart feeling on my part and no children staring back at me like I am crazy. It breaks my heart, a lot. Plus it proves my Husband's point, that I yell a lot. 

2) My Kids deserve a Break- My kids are little; 5 years old and almost 4. They have no idea what grown-up responsibilities are and in reality at this point in time, shouldn't have to really worry about it. They understand everything and I am guilty of in the past telling them, "hurry cause I am going be late and I will get fired!" NOT at ALL anything a young child should be worrying about, but it comes out when I rush. So, I stopped. Then my heart breaks when I might mention "can we hurry guys" and my son will say "yes, Camila we need to hurry cause then Mom will get fired." At which point the guilt trip happens. 

3) 5 more Minutes makes a Difference- We all need that extra rest, I have found that when I don't rush and let my kids literally get those extra 5 minutes in of sleep, they do better. They wake up and are more willing to participate in our morning routine. If as an adult we are tired and don't want to wake up on Monday, how do we think that these little bitty people feel about it? Who yes are very strong and healthy kids, but how can I expect something from them that I myself don't want to do! Just a thought that sticks in my head. I usually tell them, "I know it's hard but we can do this." It helps. 

4) "It's not that serious!"- When I was in college I specifically remember a Biology teacher giving us her first day of class lecture and ending it with, "This class will not make a doctor, it might not even matter 4 years from now! So, I am telling you right now, relax, enjoy the class, because honey IT'S NOT THAT SERIOUS. Unless you are dead, it's not that serious!" She told us how stress can kill you and how her class was not one to die for. Or many things in general that we feel are "important" are NOT as important as life itself.  As much as I need my job and to get my bills paid... it's not that serious and if I am 15 or 20 minutes late it will not kill me.  

5) Rushing makes me forget- When I rush I end up forgetting things I need to do or grab before I leave the house. I end up having to come back in the house more than once and making me yes, even more late. Or, I would leave the house all together make it to my kids school and work and realize, I didn't leave them blankets for nap-time or my purse was missing. Does not make for a very good or productive morning. Instead I think about what I need, I gather it by the door and take my time. When I don't rush my mind is more clear and I can think better on what needs to happen before I walk out the front door. It's so wasteful to have left the house and to have to come back. I would rather not rush and get it all done right the first time around. 

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