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::Mujeres Legendarias~Houston Event:: #FordEnEspanol #MujeresLegendarias

::Momma Disclosure:: { This is a compensated post. I received a special invitation to the Ford Mujeres Legendarias Luncheon, in collaboration with Lopez Marketing Group. All opinions and statements expressed below are my own and true and honest.}

There is nothing I enjoy more than meeting new people and connecting with them. I like to think that I am a fairly versatile person and am constantly reaching out to all community leaders regardless of race. But, there is always something very special and different about being in a room filled with other Latinos. Especially a room filled with other Latina Women who are making a difference in my very own community. As I am sure others feel the same about their own community. 

Last year I started a series where I asked a question about Latina {Women} Empowerment. The response was wonderful, you can see that post ::HERE:: This week, thanks to Ford en Español, I want to discuss what we can do to create actions.  Ford invited me to attend their Mujeres Legendarias Luncheon where four Professional Latina Women were honored for their innovative contributions to the Houston Hispanic community. Their passions were evident through their introduction stories. They are hard working, intelligent women who are paving the way for other Latinas in Houston seeking to do more through their work.   

Who are we as Latina women in Houston? Guest Speaker, Martha Kattan, Regional News Director of Univision stated that we are virtuous women. We work hard and continuously try to be a part of our community. We aspire to be great. We work over 8 hours a day. We are business women. Who are Fearless. Organized. Always planning for whats to come. Always looking towards the future. We provide words of wisdom to those in need. "As women we need to be lifted not only as mothers and wives but as faith seekers and brave business women."; she stated. We are encouragers filled with courage. Filled with challenges but never bowing down to them. 

"Latinos in our community are writing their own destinies."
                                                                         ~Martha Kattan of Univision 

I agree when she stated that we should  try not to substitute men in the work place but instead we should be compliments to them and try to work hard alongside them. She then quoted her Abuela, a wise lady for sure, saying to remember to be "Sumisas pero no sus Mensas". Being confident, assertive, smart and positive, uplifting role models.  She also stated that "we have our priorities in order; God, Family & Work." Some how we have succeeded at finding a balance and making it all work. 

It was a wonderful event that honored Houston women who are each legendary in their own way!

Action. It creates motion that we can see and be a part of. In everything that I have done, or continue to do; I always ask myself- “What are we doing as a community to build our strength and empower those around us?”  

::More about Ford Mujeres Legendarias::

Information provided by Lopez Marketing Group. 

Ford reconoce los logros de las mujeres Latinas con su campaña Mujeres Legendarias de Ford.

Ford Motor Company tiene una larga historia de reconocer los logros de las mujeres en nuestra sociedad. Aunque la mayoría de la gente la conoce como la esposa de Henry Ford, Clara Bryant Ford fue una filántropa y líder de la comunidad en su derecho propio y una figura clave en el largo historial de las mujeres influyentes.

Por tercer año, durante el mes Nacional de la Historia de la Mujer, el fabricante de automóviles celebrará Mujeres Legendarias de Ford, una iniciativa con el fin de honrar a las mujeres Hispanas que, como Clara Bryant Ford, personifican los cuatro pilares de la marca Ford: inteligencia, eficiencia, ecológico y seguridad.

Las mujeres homenajeadas representan a las 22 millones de Latinas excepcionales en los EE.UU. que están haciendo una diferencia en el lugar de trabajo, sus hogares, el medio ambiente y la comunidad.

Inteligente (Smart): empresarias, ejecutivas, dueñas de pequeños negocios o directoras de organizaciones sin fines de lucro:
·         Suzanne Batlle (Miami)
·         Carolina Valenti Pinto (New York)
·         Liliana Perez-Nordtvedt (Dallas)
·         Rita Farias (Houston)
·         Madeline Salazar (Los Angeles)
Eficiente (Quality): una modelo de conducta para su familia y la comunidad, que alienta a otros padres en persona o en línea con sus experiencias y conocimientos.
·         Lina Acosta (Miami)
·         Alicia Gibbs (Nueva York)
·         María García (Dallas)
·         Rosanna Gomez Moreno (Houston)
·         Teresa Garza (Los Angeles)
Verde (Green): establece un cambio positivo con relación a los problemas ambientales y trabaja para educar y proteger al público de los peligros ambientales.
·         Irela M. Bagué (Miami)
·         Xiomara Taveras Henríquez (Nueva York)
·         Arcilia C. Acosta (Dallas)
·         Patricia Lugo (Houston)
·         Olivia E. Rios (Los Angeles)
Seguro (Safe): influencia la política pública en temas sociales, económicos y culturales. Organiza grupos en torno a una causa y trabaja para implementar los cambios que tienen efectos positivos y duraderos.
·         Giselle Delgado (Miami)
·         Ximena Hidalgo Ayala (Nueva York)
·         Cynthia Izaguirre (Dallas)
·         Grace Olivares (Houston)
·         Griselda H. Reyes (Los Angeles)
Para ver la galería de fotos y leer todas las biografías de las Mujeres Legendarias de Ford, visite

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