Tuesday, July 28, 2015

::Momma Date:: #DANCE

Last week  I took some time off before I started a new job and on Friday I decided to meet up with a friend. At a dance class! That's right, we made plans and I finally visited the famous Crystal Wall MixFitz Studio. 

The experience was amazing. The group of ladies was wonderful. I can't wait to go back! 

Crystal and I first met at the beginning of the year at the "Vision of Love" event here in Houston. I was totally blown away by her passion and her REALNESS. She said something to me on Friday morning that I can't stop thinking about. She said that she lives in North side {Houston} because "it's both a little of the city and a little of the hood." I identify so much with her because of things like this. I grew up in North side Houston but where you live and where you come from have nothing to do with who you will become and where you will go. 

Her personality is so positive and her smile is motivating. She is a Momma like many of us, she is a #BossLady, entrepreneur and businesswoman who is filled with class but keeps it real. I love that about her. 

She is so down to earth and I loved her high energy and ability to teach us all of her choreography. I love that her studio is geared towards women, I felt so comfortable shaking my booty and being ME. Her #1 Rule is "HAVE FUN!" She started her class by reminding us that we should be ourselves, that she was going to rock that workout with her style and personality and that we should give it our own unique all.

Her class is definitely one that I recommend and really any of her instructors and classes look great! 

Thank you to my friend Yvonne from Running in Faith for the shared morning! Loved it all! 

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