Thursday, July 23, 2015

::Summer in Lake Charles:: #VisitLakeCharles

::Short Road-trip Re-cap::

Road trips are always fun for us. Especially for the Dos {two} little ones. The adventures, the new places, or simply visiting family. We have done several road trips and I feel that over the years we have overcome some of the biggest challenges and perfected the frustrations. 

For the 4th of July we opted for a short road trip to visit my Dad who works and lives in Lake Charles, the kids were so excited and even packed their own snacks and backpacks. But, we ended up leaving a little late so they slept most the way. We even got a flat-tire through which Camila slept through and Santiago woke up for briefly. 

Their favorite part of visiting their GranPa is getting pampered and spoiled, lots. 

{The following pictures are all from our cell phones}

Our trip to Lake Charles was eventful like always but we had such a good time, it's always worth it. The 4th of July fireworks over the lake were beautiful. The night was warm and we got to spend it with my parents, Sister and nephew. We even went for an evening splash in the splash-pad at the Lake Charles Civic Center Seawall and park.

We have visited Lake Charles for 4th of July before, it's very family friendly and a nice change of scenery from the Houston Skyline. We have even visited for Mardi Gras it's a lot of fun, not too far from us and the kids love it. 

The parks have great trails and kid areas. The kids didn't mind getting soaked late at night after the fireworks. They have so much fun no matter where they go.

The next day we visited another splash pad and the Sam Houston Jones State Park. We walked the trails and looked for alligators. Not sure what we would have done if we found one but we were up for an adventure.

Our next visit will require more research, the kids are getting older and exploring is our favorite part of our trips. I know they have a children's museum, natures trails, swamp tours and don't forget the alligators!

My parents being cute. Picture was taken by Camila outside my dad's house.

The day was hot but we all had a fun adventure...

Some of the pictures taken with my camera:

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