Thursday, July 30, 2015

Toyota ::Day Trip- Houston Zoo:: #TBT

::Momma Disclosure:: {This is not a compensated post. All opinions expressed are mine.}

One of our favorite things to do on a beautiful sunny Houston day is step out of the house and take mini-road trips. Day trips, short trips, in-town trips! 

The weekend before my Birthday I received this great surprise! Toyota sent me this beauty to test drive for a week. It made my week for sure, this Texas girl was giddy to jump in this truck. Trust me the agent had me at Tundra. But, not as happy as my children, they loved all the features and roomy interior. 

So, we headed out on an awesome adventure to the Houston Zoo. Our adventures always have a little chaos and whole lot of fun. On this day, we were so happy to be riding in style that nothing else mattered. 

How can you have a great weekend and enjoy your trips? 

A few quick and easy tips:

1. Be Comfortable- no matter what comfort is important. On this day we enjoy the spacious and        soft leather seats of the Toyota Tundra. 

2. Always have Fun!- no matter how crazy your short roads trips can be or how chaotic the back seat       is with your toddlers. Relax and enjoy! Life is too short not to. 

3. The more the merrier- being Latinos we always like big family outings, no matter how loud they     can become. Invite your friends and family and let everyone join in on your fun day. You will not       regret it. 

4. Don't forget to take some Selfies- These days you can not go without taking at least one selfie, it's     the best thing ever! They always make us smile and we even get photobombed. HA. 

5. Finally, wear a Smile- No matter how difficult or grueling our weeks might be. The weekend is a      great time to reconnect, disconnect and feel happy once more. After a wonderful weekend you            always feel re-energized and inspired to start over on Monday. 

What about you, what's your favorite Toyota??

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