Friday, July 10, 2015

::Traveling with Toddlers:: Part 3- Final Summer Vacation Recap Post

How do you know it's time to wrap-up a Summer Vacation recap? 

When you are ready to move on to your 2nd Summer getaway recap! I am so late on so many blog posts at this point. I am probably going to continue to be late. Making some adjustments outside of my blog, in my everyday life so I have to get it all together and going...but in the mean time... 

Our final vacation recap post! 

Our 5th day was filled with adventure, for sure. It started with our Sea turtle adventures and didn't end there!

While we waited for our scheduled Pirate ship cruise, we visited the Port Isabel Lighthouse and two small museums in the area; the Port Isabel Museum of History and the Treasures of the Gulf Museum.  The two museums hold so much history and wonderful artifacts. One of them has a great children's area where the kids can explore and even act out their own plays. We didn't plan it so we weren't sure if they had a show and schedule for children but the day we went it was not too busy. We explored and enjoyed it all.  

The Lighthouse gives you the best view of the island. It is hot though and a long walk up the curved staircase. Make sure to wear your walking shoes. And, that you are not scared of heights!

::Pirates Landing Cruise::

I think this was our favorite part but definitely the activity we were least prepared for. Camila and I got sea-sick! Had we known that we were going to get THAT sick, we would have taken something. But, we had fun none-the-less. The Pirate ship cruise was not too costly, the Pirates were so much fun and it's all very entertaining for both the adults and the kids. Sometimes more so for the adults than the kids. 

And, we even got some dolphin watching in! A whole group of them swam by as we were finishing our cruise, perfect way to end our trip. The kids loved it all, minus the whole we got so sick we puked the rest of the afternoon. But, the staff was extra nice and attentive it was all worth it!

We couldn't go without heading for a late night dip in the gulf..... {Our night pictures are a bit blurry and we took them with my Hubby's phone.}

::Wednesday:: Final day...

On our last day in South Padre Island we woke up early, packed up and hit the beach one last time before we went home....

Our trip was fun! I posted about what we could have done better HERE!

Make sure to catch the rest of our trip HERE & HERE!

The Summer is still young and we have since had 2 other fun Summer adventures! Hope to post about them soon.

What have you been up to this Summer? 

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