Friday, August 7, 2015

::Women Empowering Change Conference::


As a constant observer of life; if you know me you know that when invited to events or conferences, I usually do not  walk away empty handed. I will always try to take something from it, whether it’s a new business contact or a full heart. Either way I love events, mini-retreats and conferences where I can share my story, be myself and grow. This past weekend that very thing happened. Shunte Gamble-Davis of Women Empowering Change Conference is slowly building an environment of true Sisterhood. A place where we can come together as Women, as Momma’s and as goal driven individuals to share, grow and embrace one another. Last year’s conference was my first and it did not disappoint. Walking away feeling purpose-filled and happy, I knew this year’s conference could not be missed.

Then this year happened. Let me tell you as Shunte would say…..HEY YA’LL! This year, I walked away with direction and action steps. I walked away with an even bigger support group and cheerleaders of daily life struggles. I walked away with a deeper and a more true sense of self. The ladies in the group are not only ambitious and inspiring but also down to earth and open to help others in any way possible. They are creative writers, authors and poets. Women of faith and of all walk of life. Of all ages and sizes. Nothing matters in this space other than coming together as one.

Affirmations and prayers were given. A sense of belonging was created and I always love the random moments where everyone can break out in song or dance. It’s always a fun and happy environment. No room for judgment or negativity. Always love and true support.

I believe the time has come for us to realize our difference and learn more about one another, this conference I feel is the shift toward the beginning of something great. Best of all, it’s local! Houston needs more events like this. Where local women who are creating, doing and becoming can come together encourage one another and be productive and active in our very own community.  

The event came at the perfect time of the year for me, as I began a new journey. A new position, with a new company. So, this was a refreshing way to begin that journey. The hostesses were so gracious and fun. The speakers all with their own story of despair and victory were are all so sincere and kindhearted. I think this is all something that comes with the size of the conference and the surroundings being created by the participants and founder of the conference.

Women Empowering Change Conference provided not only a safe space to share and open up about who we are. It is also a networking event for women who really want to make local lasting connections and even friendships. Most of the ladies I met last year, I have now worked with through the year and still keep in touch. The workshops and team building activities encourage us to actively participate and meet the women around us. These women, like most, wake up every day and make a positive impact not just for themselves and their families but for our community as a whole. Women Empowering Change is a conference that I truly wish will grow and gain community recognition, it is well deserved.  

I walk away with hope, feeling victorious and knowing that I have women on my side who will help me no matter what! 


If you want to meet Shunte, then attend her next event and find out more about her and her story... 

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