Wednesday, September 30, 2015

::5 Reasons I attend Conferences:: #TexasConferenceforWomen

::Momma Disclosure::{ This is a compensated post. All statements are my own and my true and honest opinion.}

This past week I went to Austin, first time going alone. For a conference for work. It was a great experience, I didn't get to see or eat everything I wanted to, Ha. But, I know that next month when I go again, I will try to see more places and experience true Austin cuisine.  When I go again it will be for another type of conference though. One that I have great expectations about. The Texas Conference for Women. One of my Blogging-Sisters will be speaking, which is very exciting! Melanie of Que Means What ; will be part of the Social Media Round-table.  {You can read more about the speakers here

I love going to Conference, here are the top 5 reason why: 

::Personal Growth::
Every conference has brought on a different experience and level of personal growth. I have either learned something about myself or something that will help me gain valuable insight into my future goals. Either way conferences hold many modes of inspiration and motivation which have all led to moments of great growth for me. In many areas. I honestly have tried to cut back on them because you can become so overwhelmed and want to attend them all but if you select a few very specific ones the growth is more abundant. 

You just never know who you will meet, what type of life-lasting connection you will make. Conferences bring together people for all walks of life and with their own unique experiences. Meeting these people, speaking to them and learning from them add so much value to you as an individual. I have met some very interesting people at conferences most of whom I keep in touch with now. We become business partners, friends and a good source of information for one another. It's truly a great way to meet new people you wouldn't otherwise be able to connect with. 

:: Me-Time ::
Let's face it, as a working wife with {Dos} 2 toddlers, I don't get much down time. Attending conferences, even when local and for a day, to me is the best type of me-time! I get to be around good company, enjoy what I am learning and do something that I love. What else can I ask for out of me time. It may still be considered "work" to some and it's not exactly a day at the spa but to me, when people and situations can ignite my brain and set my soul on fire, well that to me is a great day! The motivation and inspiration attained is like no other. For someone like me, I couldn't ask for anything more. 

:: Travel/Exploring ::
Attending conferences, even when locally, gives me a chance to travel and explore on my own. The furthest I have gone so far is Detroit, MI. Which was amazing. I traveled alone for the first in years and now I know what I can handle. I have also visited other cities in Texas like San Antonio and Austin on my own and both have been good experiences as well. When the conferences are here in Houston, I love to take the time to learn more about what this city has to offer for not only myself but for my family. I love it all. Travel is good for clearing your mind and expanding your knowledge. 

:: Sister-hood ::
Again, I have met so many amazing women from all over the world at this point. Some of whom I become very close friends with. We are able to bond over the 1 or 2 day conferences and learn about each other and our goals and passions for what we do. The bond becomes one that helps us carry-out good working partnerships and even a select type of sister-hood. One where we can support one another, where we can learn from one another, where we can be mentors to each-other. We share about our experiences as Wives, as Momma's and as Career driven individuals with like-minded goals. The Sister-hood should grow and develop over time and the respect and collaboration should be mutual. 

I am truly excited to be returning to Austin and attend the Texas Conference for Women for so many reasons and I can't wait to see what new inspiration comes of it... 

You can read more about the conference here. The day will be filled with innovative speakers and incredible breakout sessions. I can't wait to experience it all and bring back the highlights to you via social media. Make sure to follow us on InstagramTwitter for more updates! And, follow the conferences social media sites for more information! 

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