Wednesday, September 2, 2015

::Vision Board:: Update

Last year I attended WEC for the first time and I was introduced to Vision Boards. Today, I have 3 boards in the works. I have been wanting to sit down and add or really just be more specific in my visions. Because, it's good to revisit your goals frequently, if not daily. I wrote a post on Vision Boards  in the beginning of the year. One important thing to note is that creating a vision board doesn't make your life perfect, worry free or even happier. Those are choices we make as human beings and should work towards. It does give you a clear direction and a better "road map" to regain focus on what your purpose and goals are.

When I review my boards now, I can see that some of my visions are coming to be. You simply envision your life as you want it to be or know that you have potential to be at. Your career; in a positive direction of true purpose and meaning. Your family-life; peaceful and stable. Your finances; abundant and debt-free. Your children; safe and healthy. I know it may seem a little far-fetched at first, but once you live it, you know how real creating these visions can be for true direction in your life.

Again, these things don't  just happen over night or out of the blue. But, you create a vision, write down your plan of action and then execute. Through your vision and hard work all things can come to be.

Today I have a new "cool" job, I am more focused and I have renewed strength and goals. Our home isn't perfect but we have peace. Our finances are in a good place. I am working towards a healthy life both physically and mentally. I make sure that I invest in myself and surround myself with positive people who only want my families well-being.

I plan on creating a vision board for my new work space where I can start to create a vision of success and growth.  I even have a virtual vision board on Pinterest! Vision boards are not limited to one strict format, they are free flowing and can be words, pictures, or a combination of them. You should have fun and know that this is something you are investing time and thought into. It should be a positive experience that allows for your creativity to shine.

Just like our 30 days of Affirmation challenge all things come from positive, happy thoughts.

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What will you envision today for a better tomorrow?

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