Tuesday, October 6, 2015

::Eatfitters:: Be fit for life.

::Momma Disclosure:: This is a compensated post. All statements below are my true and honest opinion. 

As a busy Houston Momma who works outside the home, there are certain things that I look for when seeking healthy options; how convenient or affordable things are, how well balanced they can be and how accessible they are.

Which is why when I sat down and spoke to the owner of Eatfitters, Sam Jaoude, he embodied those things for me. I love speaking to people who practice what they preach and Sam and his family certainly do. You can tell he is strong and healthy, and an emotionally well balanced father, husband and entrepreneur. He is a fit person, who eats well. Simple as that. Sam has been an every day Corporate America employee. He knows the demands of working outside the home, raising a family and wanting to follow your dreams.

His father passed away at an early age of a heart attack. Sam later discovered that the untimely death of his father was caused more by his diet than his activity level. He decided that he would need to change his own eating habits to achieve a good quality of life. In his attempt to achieve this, he created his food brand which would assist on his path to a healthy lifestyle. In speaking to Sam, this change is visible and his passion for helping others achieve these same goals, is also one that stands out.

As part of my trial, I was provided food for an entire day. Trust me this is so convenient for this Momma and something I could get used to. Sam does explain that yes, eating healthy isn't cheap but the expense, I feel is well worth it. Eatfitters provides different meal plans with different prices and of course allows for walk-ins. 

For a Momma on a budget he has 3 day plans and the option to come back and pick up food on a daily, random basis. He has nutritionist on site who will help you select the best options for your lifestyle and health needs. Eatfitters also provide Family sized meals, for your entire family to stay on track.

You might think that this program resemble others but Sam assures that his program provides the following 4 qualities that others don't: they have flavor and are foods we can enjoy, they are low in sodium, the diversity of the food  resembles the city we live in, and they are nutritious! 

While Eatfitters is a slowly growing enterprise they are quickly gaining ground in the Houston area. They currently have 5 locations and future plans of expanding. I loved visiting with the employees at the location near Memorial City Mall. Everyone is very helpful and filled with valuable information. Their personalized insight into my meals were very good as well. 

I had the following meals, all very tasty and filling-

Breakfast- Chili Migas
Mid-morning snack- Cheese cake bar -SO GOOD
Lunch-Garlic Chicken Pizza
Mid-day snack- Veggie sticks and Hummus 
Dinner-Ginger Cashew Chicken 

Here are 3 things I learned from Eatfitters:

1) Healthy food can taste good- this is one of Sam's main concerns, in trying to eat healthier he learned that not many good tasting options existed. He made it his goals to make healthy food that tastes good as well. He has achieved this. My Husband and I both tried the foods and they taste great, not what we expected from this type of food setting. 

2) Balance is possible- Sam is a huge advocate of balance. He understands that life can't be lived in one rigid format. He knows that cheat meals and cheat days will happen so he has incorporated those into his meal plans and makes sure that we stay on top of our health. While you might crave a cheat day now, once you start and taste all his food options, I don't feel that one is needed. 

3) Portions are achievable- If I am being honest my biggest struggle is portions. With preset portions and some self-control Eatfitters has great portions set throughout the day. It might be something you struggle with initially but trust me you will not starve. I felt like I ate more than when I set out to eat healthy on my own. Your body needs the food as fuel, this is all explained when you go in for your free consultation. At first it might seem like the portions are too small, once you get used to them they will be just enough!

Are you ready to start eating fit today? 


Houston celebrities such as Debra Duncan and Chita Johnson, are both local customers of Eatfitters. 


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