Thursday, November 12, 2015

::40 for 40:: #ChildrenatRisk

Have you ever thought of doing something completely selfless? And, then actually did it! 

During a time when it can be easy to forget about the needs of others, a local man is getting ready to embark on an amazing journey! Meet Nestor. His purpose has been driven not by his lack of but by the fact that he has been blessed with support and family. Nestor wants to simply "Pay it Forward". I can guarantee you that after listening to his story; you will be inspired to do more. Not only for his cause but for everyone around you. 

In speaking to Nestor, it was clear that he doesn't want the attention to fall on him. Yet, it's hard to ignore someone whose actions are so moving. Best of all, he is raising the money for a local organization that helps protect local youth, educate parents and empower our community. Children at Risk is a non-partisan research and advocacy organization. They provide education and resources to not only local communities, but now also in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Their work and dedication has led to several accomplishments, as they push forward in their own journey to help fulfill the needs of children.  

Nestor has set his goal. One that he wishes to reach before his 40th birthday in October, 2016. How can you help him reach and why not, surpass his 40k goal by his 40th Birthday? 

It's simple.

You can donate on his donor page:

Follow his journey, support his cause and share his story on social media:

Children at Risk:

Look for upcoming events and donate to 40 for 40! 

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