Tuesday, December 1, 2015

::5 Things to Know when going Camping::

This is our final installment of this years camping trip.

As stated before, camping and all the details are fairly new to us. We have learned as we experience it all. Here are 5 things we think are good to know before you head out for your next camping adventure. The best website to explore is the Texas State Park {or your states, state park page}. We browsed through it a few times and still missed these items or failed to research more. But, if you have little ones it's best to do your investigating before heading to a camp site. 

On one of our days we went from our camp grounds at Garner State park to a near by park, Lost Maples which is about 45 minutes away. We have been to Garner a couple of times so we wanted to venture out to other nearby parks and explore. It was a great decision.

The following 5 items are good to know and will save you some time and stress: 

::Park Day Pass:: 

As stated above for this last camping trip we stayed at Garner State Park {it was a last minute plan and we were lucky enough to get a spot} and then we traveled 45 minutes out to Lost Maples. When we arrived at Lost Maples we discovered that we didn't have to pay for a new entry. You can use your pass from one park to another, if it's valid for the same day. Ours was, so we got into the park for free. Winning! 

Another great idea is to purchase a State Park pass, which will give you unlimited entrance to all state parks. Which is a great deal if you think you will be visiting a lot of parks in a year. We do this once a year, if we decide to increase this, then I know we will be purchasing the state park pass. Because, it saves you the hassle of paying every time you go and/or waiting in line too long. There are other benefits of being members as well such as discounts and special offers.

::Right equipment::

Being prepared is highly important. I suggest everyone carrying a light backpack for your daily hikes with water and snacks. Especially for your little ones. Mine have a ton of energy  and climbing makes them thirsty and hungry, the bigger they have gotten the more they need. This trip I underestimated them, but my Sister in Law who seemed to be our saving point for this trip had a ton of extra snacks. Bringing the right shoes is a good idea as well, a good pair of tennis shoes or good fitted worn in hiking boots will work too. So important. You do a lot of walking and climbing, taking care of your feet is important.

::Know your Camp-site options::

Primitive camping really is PRIMITIVE , if you are not used to this type of campsite or aware of what it truly is, look it up! At first glance I thought, oh we can do this. But, once we made it to Lost Maples and we got a taste of the hiking to get to a primitive site, we knew that a site with water and electricity or a shelter is best for us. At least for now. The trails can be a little hard  but you must keep going, cause it's the only way to make it to a campsite. These types of trails and campsites are for EXPERIENCED campers. Garner has great sites, we usually get a shelter with water and electricity or a regular campsite with water and close to the bathrooms, my kids love the potty these days! Just know the sites and what you are prepared to experience.


We were told at 3 different parks that they were "full" but to call back the day of our travel for cancellations. Before we got on the road the day of our travel, we called in to Garner and there were cancellations for campsites. They do happen, even though the park might be "full". Don't give up on your favorite park or campsite. We booked a random spot and lost $10.00, but got a preferred spot the day of for $20.00. It worked out for us and we were literally happy campers.

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