Friday, December 11, 2015

::Gift Guide:: Sibling Edition

This gift guide was inspired by all the fabulous guides my fellow Houston Latina Bloggers have put out this week. Have you seen them? Check out our FB, Instagram and Twitter account for all the latest post! 

Our big ticket items for the kids, this year, were the following:

A Frozen karaoke system and a Skylander Interactive set.

"Santa" will be bringing the kids these gifts on Christmas day per our traditions. But, when it came to getting both the kids something that they could open on Christmas eve we love the following gifts. My Husband and I both agree that it should be something they can share and will be inexpensive. Since the expensive items will follow. We acquired the gifts either online or in person from Target, Walmart, and Toy's R Us.   

Our online items were purchased weeks ago and there was free shipping. We received the items within a couple of days. The deals were good. And, guess what we actually finished shopping the first weekend we went out to shop. Which is perfect! This never happens. Last year we almost got into those massive store brawls over this Frozen doll. It was ridiculous and not something we wanted to repeat this year.  By the time I ordered it online we couldn't get it delivered until Christmas day. 

We vowed for our own sanity and time that this would not happen this year. We planned ahead, found all their first choice toys and tah-dah, operation Team Gomez Christmas 2015, success. Ya'll I can't be on the news for some doll. Cause, I will throw a punch and I will be escorted out. Just sayin'! Haha.  

The list. The list of good gifts for siblings, items you can purchase for your kids or nieces and nephews or neighbors!

::Board games::

Our kids are finally at that age {4 almost 5 and 6 years old} where they can understand the concepts and play a good board game. Currently, we have UNO, Guess Who {with animal and veggie board options} and Boom Boom Balloon. UNO is so much fun for everyone. Guess Who is a riot, my kids are super competitive and Santiago has learned the art of cheating at games, not good! But, it's so funny. Boom Boom Balloon, if you have not played is the most fun and intense game ever.We give that a Team Gomez high five and recommend it. 


Our kids have a ton of movies which we watch 10{thousand} times a piece. But, now with Netflix, Red Box and YouTube we have bought fewer movies. We wait for birthdays and, of course, Christmas. We chose two new favorites, one which we watched at the movies and spilled our drink over, Jurassic World. Which if you like intense, scary movies with action and people being swallowed by large whale like things then yeah, this movie is for you. We loved the Jurassic Park series so this was a must. Our second choice was Inside Out, Camila loves this movie and watches this video incessantly. 


Puzzles are great, watching them put them together is pretty cool too. Some come with cute carrying totes and storage cases. Last year we got them each a puzzle with lunch boxes as cases, which was pretty useful. They have some with little purses or nice wooden boxes. These are good items, you can get them one for each child or one big puzzle for groups of 3 or more kids. I like getting them similar items so there isn't a fight over why someone received something different than the other. If you have 2 or more kids you might know what I am talking about! 

:: Books:: 

Books are great too. Either gift cards to Barnes and Noble, which we have done in the past for other people's kids. And, been thanked by the parents for not bringing them the usual. Some of our favorites are short, Bilingual, hardcover books like those of Lil'Libros! They have so many great cultural concepts and vibrant pictures that keep the kids attentive.  But, this can work similar to the puzzles, you can buy a book for each child or maybe a longer storybook for both to sit and read together.

:: Matching PJ's::

We have done matching PJ's in the past for my kids and nephew, best gift ever. It's useful and such a quick and easy gift to purchase. This year we are considering PJ's even for us. Who doesn't love a good set of comfy PJ's to lounge around the house in? I know I do.

::Arts and Crafts::

My kids have received this type of gift in the past, things like play-doh and different drawing or painting sets are good.  I don't love that, depending on what it is, they are not easy to clean up, but it does keep the kids busy. Plus with my kids in daycare they do a lot of this type of activity already so seeing drawing pads and paints at home is always a thrill for them. A kind of extension of what they have going on at school. It's a great way to practice their motor skills and while clean-up time isn't much fun for this Momma, the somewhat quiet time is great. Camila loves to write and draw and Santiago is learning to write more and more so they love pens, paper, and notepads. 

Hope this guide was helpful! Let is know your thoughts and feedback or tag us on Christmas day to see all the gifts you did purchase. I mean...that "Santa brought."

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