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::Blogging 101 with Momma of Dos:: 5 Fun takeaways as a Workshop organizer

As a Blogger one of my goals was to one day be able to share what I have learned the last 3 plus years! While I have been blogging since 2008, I didn't start working with campaigns and brands until 2012. In that time, my blog has grown from hobby and journaling into a great side business. One that I love and take very seriously.

2016 was kicked off with a bang. My first workshop was amazing. As the organizer, I feel I learned as much as the ladies who attended. It definitely motivated me to move forward with my idea of sharing. And, if you missed the first class I will have a repeat class in April. 

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Below are 5 things I learned from my workshop as the person conducting the workshop! 

::5 Fun takeaways as a Workshop organizer:: 

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(1) No Topic is off topic: The best part of creating content is learning about specific topics for my blog. But, meeting ladies in person helps open up a platform for so many other topics and no matter how much you want to stay on topic, it often gets better when we step outside the agenda. Know that no matter what, sometimes all topics are better than just sticking to what you know. 

(2) No need to worry: I was so worried and tried to be so exact about everything I did, that I became very nervous. At the end of the day remembering that all the ladies were there to be inspired and motivated helped me to remember to relax. To not worry so much and to simply be myself. Things went on so much more natural when I simply let go and stopped worrying so much about things going well. 

(3) Make it personal: The better you get to know people and the more you share your own experiences the better you can make direct connections. These connections will help you flow through your workshop content. And, the more examples you can provide from your own personal life, the more people can realize how they are not alone in their fears, doubts or questions. Giving them a  way to overcome the challenges helps them make that personal connection with your content. 

(4) Make time for questions:  The more time you allow for questions the clearer the content can become and the more the participants can make those necessary connections with their own plan and how they will apply to their own lives. I loved listening and discussing questions that we all had because no matter what there are topics where I still have plenty of room to grow! 

(5) Making Connections: Finally, at the end of it all, for me, it's all about making lasting connections. Creating a space that is comfortable, relatable and all about helping others. I love these moments of true life connections, I meet so many people and love what they all bring to my life. It's why I do what I do and continue to work hard towards all my goals. 

Have you created workshops before what are your favorite takeaways? 

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