Wednesday, February 24, 2016

::A Beautiful Mess:: Inspired by Francesca's T-shirt

::Momma Disclosure:: 
Momma of Dos, has partnered with Tender Nest Portraits as a brand ambassador, this post is a result of that partnership.  All photographs belong to Tender Nest Portraits.  

When it comes to pictures of myself, I am highly critical of them all. I am not some super cute young top professional model. I am a Momma of Dos, who never sleeps and loves tacos. There I said it. It's not a secret. I love food. I have gained weight, and lost it and managed to find it one more time. Every time. I am what I like to call a beautiful mess. Because deep down inside, I know I am beautiful, worthy and yes why not, a freaking super model. I am always cautious about pictures with other photographers, cause I know they won't see my lumps, my extra messy curly hair and those poses that make me look awkward. 

                       Photo Credit: All photos taken by Tender Nest Portraits

I told Annelle that I had this fear of looking weird in my pictures; she said I was a natural, in her attempt to put me at ease. And, I believed her. It helped me relax. She is also a Momma and we talked about how others don't capture her the way she feels she looks good, either. When she sent my pictures over I told her, I am only going to pick the ones I don't look fat in. HA. Not fair to her. I looked at them all and then over again. And, fell in love with the set. 

She really did help me relax and be at ease about what I knew would be a good set of pictures. As women, we are too overly critical of ourselves. For myself, I have realized that I often fear that if I don't criticize myself, then others will and that would  be worse. So, I go ahead and look at all the wrong, the fat, the extra misplaced curls, and even deeper... all the faults I have, the people I have hurt, the words I have spoken and should have kept to myself. I overly criticize me and who I am. But, why? That's not fair to ME. 

I know that I am a beautiful mess. I work on being a better person every day. I am me. And,  I need to remember to let others be themselves as well. As women, we should embrace who we are and move forward with grace, self-love and confidence. Embrace the mess and love yourself no matter what. 

You are beautiful. You are strong. You are filled with courage. 

About the outfit: 
What a Beautiful Mess t-shirt: Francesca's
Grey jacket, torn legging jeans, gold necklace and ring; New York and Company

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:: More about Tender Nest Portraits::
Annelle is a local photographer who owns and runs Tender Nest Portraits. 
She owns a studio and does natural light photography 
in Houston, Katy, and the Sugarland area.  
Her work can be seen on her social media sites and website below. 

Photo Credit: All photos taken by Tender Nest Portraits

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