Monday, April 4, 2016

::Weekend Snapshots:: Easter + Opening Day

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Last week was uber busy for us. Between my 8-5 outside the home job, kids new baseball schedules, speaking at an IKSH event, my second blogging 101 workshop (more on that later), and tantrums and tears, like always. I was lazy about writing. But, back at it this week. Hey, I deserve a lazy blog week.

Easter Weekend was also Cam's 5th birthday, I posted her Birthday Letter and we celebrated the only way we know how, with LOTS of family. We had to split her birthday parties into two, one on her actual birthday which was also good Friday. We had cake and tamales with family who had small children or no children because the next day we would be roller skating with yes more family and couple of Cam's friends.   

She had a great 5th Birthday! She got presents and lots of family time with cousins we don't get to see a lot. It was great, and the kids (and parents) got to practice their roller skating skills. That Sunday was Easter and we decided to have a relaxed day by the pool but oh yeah, Texas weather is crazy so it was freezing! The kids didn't care and had fun anyway. Then they all changed into their pj's and we had a mini-Easter egg hunt. 

The weekend was filled with family and blessings, it's what it's all about. We loved it. We want to make it a point to connect this year more and more with family. 

Then, this past weekend was all about baseball. We had a long day Saturday and spent about 8 hours at the ballpark... and here is how we felt about it. 

Kidding we had fun! The kids remained focused and played lots of baseball. Santi won a good prize and Cam won her first game ball! We posted more about it on our IG- follow us HERE. 

Needless-to-say, our last two weekends have been busy, so yesterday we rested. A lot then we went grocery shopping and had an early dinner at the Korean market. My Santi started feeling sick to his stomach and this morning we ended up at the doctors office. Never a dull moment, and we have gotten pretty used it. But, we aren't super humans and do need some rest. Tomorrow, back to reality work for me and school for the kids. 

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How about you, how busy do you stay on the weekends? 

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