Friday, May 6, 2016

::Momma's Day Series 2016:: Lauren's Story

::Momma of Dos Guest Blogger Post:: 

Please note that this post was written by a guest blogger in collaboration with Momma of Dos and as part of a current mini-series. Please feel free to contact each writer individually for further information about their blog.

Hello, my name  is Lauren, I'm 29 yrs old, and I'm from Houston. I'm married to an amazing guy, and I'm a proud mom to a handsome little guy who was born September 5, 2014. His name is Jonathan but we call him JC for short, or baby boy, and when I was pregnant with him his daddy and I would call him "turtle"

On April 22nd, I turned 30 and was actually looking forward to it, and can't wait to see what's in store for me. Beside that I have been a wife for almost 8 years this November, and I'm a proud mom, first timer and a boy mom at that. I'm also a stay at home wife and mommy and when I'm not busy with my boys I take some time for myself and work on my blog, Wiferella to Boymom, as well as crafts and trying new things. Hobby lobby and Pinterest are my best friends! 

How old were you when you first became a Momma? 28 

Was it expected? Not at all as I was told I would need help with getting pregnant after suffering from a miscarriage but here I am now blessed with my miracle baby. 

Did your pregnancy go well? OMG, totally thankful for a great pregnancy after getting past the morning sickness.

Was your pregnancy what you expected? Not at all, I was scared in the beginning due to what happen the first time, morning sickness was a pain, and I had a cyst; thankfully it didn't cause any problems. 

Did your delivery go well? I had to be induced almost a week after his due date. The beginning was great but towards the end everything got scary. Thankfully, the end results for him and I came out great due to an emergency C-section.

Was your delivery what you expected? Nope! Scary moments we had but so worth it.

How was your first year? OMG, it has been the best and even more so as I'm a stay at home mommy and wife. At times, it can be rough but at night when I lay my head I'm thankful for the memories that we made that day, and on to the next day. 

Was it all that you expected? Nope darn hormones had me scared and thinking I couldn't do it by myself while my husband is working, but here we are 19 months in and I'm balancing life great!

What advice do you have for other new Mommas? You can do it, don't ever doubt yourself. There are times it will get rough, and when it does pop open a bottle of wine take a hot bath and think about the good and will out do the bad. 

We all struggle daily with so many self-issues; what have been some of yours and your advice?  Weight and it goes up and down as well as I love food and sweets. At the end, I have noticed that weight loss will happen eventually and it won't happen overnight. With that being said there is a Rainbow waiting for you after a storm. 

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