Tuesday, January 3, 2017

::Finding the perfect inexpensive gift that will leave them speechless:: Guest Blogger Danelia of DaneliaLoves

{Guest blogger Danelia of Danelia Loves}

During the holidays retailers in general are set to create the perception that everyone needs to find the perfect holiday gift.  These marketing tactics really do work.  People spend a lot of time scoping out the best deals.  Some go as far as joining the frenzy of Black Friday.  Yikes!  But really, what is the “perfect” holiday gift anyway? Clearly, for different people this can mean different things. I personally believe the perfect gift is something that will go deeper than its material significance. Unquestionable, a great watch and a nice purse will always make good gifts. However, when you take the time to add a special touch to what you’re giving, the results can often leave the receiver speechless.
The way to do this is to find something that is significant and relevant to them.  Although it might come easy for some, others might struggle with this task.  One common reason is difficulty knowing what the other person likes while staying within a certain budget.  
Here are a few things you can do in any occasion to help you get started:
  1. Look to see what this person keeps around them.  No, don’t go snooping through their things. Simple look at their environment. What do they surround themselves with? Is it books, music, technology, etc. Usually the items they tend to buy the most are the things they value in life. If they don’t necessarily have a lot of items, maybe it’s photos of their family members or their pet(s). List at least 3 top things that stand out the most.
  2. Now that you’ve figured what items they keep around, try to find out what they like and what they dislike. In this area you’re moving further into a specific category identified above.  i.e. if it’s books, then go deeper into a genre, author, etc.  What’s the pattern in the object that surrounds them? Once again, the kind of books they read can help you determine what’s important to them.  
  3. Now that you have taken care of visual items, move to listening. Listen to what they say or write, online and offline. Pay close attention as this often can reveal a topic of interest for them.  Often, people will talk and engage in conversation that they find valuable. i.e. they talk about their career or their hobbies. Take note.
Now that you’ve narrowed a few things down, it’s time to get creative. Go beyond the item itself, and see how you can tie the items they value most and make it a bit more personal.
Here’s an example of a gift I gave to my husband a few Christmases ago.
I knew there were three things he valued most: his family, his hobby as a photographer, and his career.  I decided to dress up his boys with his business suits and took their photo.  I had it printed in a local Walmart Photo Center, and framed it with a phrase that said, “We know what we’ll be when we grow up…like you!” The outcome was a priceless picture that brought tears to his eyes. He doesn’t do that often.  
The best part is the gift didn’t cost too much to create.  With a little bit of creativity and a heart full of love, you can create that perfect gift.  
When you think of the perfect gift, what comes to mind?

*This image was a copy from a cell phone.  The original is much better.

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