Tuesday, June 6, 2017

::Midlife at 35:: Yep, a post about Menopause, before it happens....

::Momma Disclosure::  I was invited to attend IntersectionM/Mlive a midlife conference in exchange for this review, but all opinions and statements are true and my own! 

Learn more about the creators of this event : https://intersection-m.com/the-story/

I know you hear it all the time, age is just a number. Well to me it truly is. At 35, I feel pretty awesome. To be alive and to be strong. To have endured lots and overcome even more. Am I thinking about what the future will be like as I age? Absolutely, I may be "young" now but that won't last forever. In my 20's I realized that I couldn't be scared of aging and what it would bring. After all my Momma who is now almost 60, was doing an amazing job, she remains active, goes out and has so much life in her. I want to be that way. How did I create this mindset and not be scared of the "M" word?


Well for one I surround myself with like-minded women, and last month I was invited to a great new conference that will help you discuss this and other woman issues. None to be scared of but to embrace.

::5 things I learned at the Midlife Conference here in Houston::

1) Resources are important: If you don't think this type of conference is for you then the least that you can do is collect resources. Even at 35 I feel that having the information I need now, for when I need it in a few years is great. Being informed helps you deal with the issues at hand a lot easier than when it's just a shot in the dark or unknown. Can we agree on that? At minimum be informed about what goes on as you age, about how much we should do for ourselves and what will happen to our bodies and mind, if we don't take care of them.  Simple rule I think, be informed.

2) Like-Minded Women of every age: If you know me then you know, I am not one to create a tight circle of women and never look outside that group. I do love having close friends who are my age and relateable. But, trust me the older I get the more I know that having friends in every age group, younger than me, my age and older than me is important. Why? Well, number one you stay relevant and in-the-know of what's new, and secondly, you can see how other women handled aging and what you can do to help you reach those different milestones with grace and strength! I also have friends who are single and don't have kids, because I then live vicariously through them. HA.

3) So much has evolved: One of the things that sticks in my mind is that things have truly changed, times have changed. And, I'm sure that your Momma's advice is not the same advice you'll give to your daughter. This day in age things evolve in a matter of minutes! If you are an iPhone carrier then you know, things change quick. I loved that the conference brought to light new technology that even I at 35 had NO clue existed, mostly in female cosmetic surgery. It truly amazed me and left me wondering how or if I could use some of those services as I start to leave my childbearing years behind. This type of surgery as described to me in one sentence.... "you will live your life to a whole new level." I loved that. Having kids and other minor female complications have left me, well, worn out to say the least! I look forward to helping my body out in years to come!

4) Don't be scared, it's life: One of the fantastic speakers was Dr. Gayle, the Spunky Old Broad, when I tell you that she lives up to that title, well you'd have to meet her but she does!!! She is 79, works out 2 hours a DAY and has lived through so much. But, she has no fear, she chooses life. She is happy, positive and focused on life. That's what I aim to be. When I was younger, sure I was scared about "getting old", but now I've lived through so much myself that aging, menopause and any other milestone that comes with time, it's doesn't scare me. I want to be prepared and ready for what's to come. So, I do what I have to do; I exercise, eat right, take mental-health breaks, focus on me, enjoy my family and do all those things that self-help coaches recommend. Cause life is too short not to.  

5) Embrace the age and LOVE it: I know, it's easier said than done. And, everyone's circumstances are different. But, I love where I am right now in life, at 35, a Latina Professional, Momma of Dos and with a great very supportive spouse and family. I think that it's important to take into consideration, like all things in life, that the good does outweigh the bad. For me I embrace my age and where I am. I had a long 10 years in my 20's that I don't wish to re-live, but I also had amazing moments from 28-30 when I had my children and grew so much as a person, wife, momma, daughter, etc. So for me as I begin to exit my 30's, at almost 36, I look forward to finishing off this decade with a bang! And, I know SO many amazing 40-something-year-old's that I know I have LOTS to look forward to!

With that said! I can't wait until next year and another conference filled with great content and connect with new women!! Learn more about the creators of this event : https://intersection-m.com/the-story/

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