Friday, February 26, 2010

Are we there yet Thursdays? & Thank GOD it's Friday!

So, it happened again...these last two days they run together...I get so caught up in the beginning of the week and on my Praise and Worship day that I forget or simply run out of time.

Well this week has been hectic, my co-worker is out sick-say a little prayer for her, with her out work has been busy for me, and then there is my beautiful home! Which once I get there I am engulfed by my wife and mother responsibilities that nothing else really gets done...well aside from house work. One thing that I have always tried to be is a "Hopelessly Devoted" wife, house "keeper" and now mother. I know that this may sound crazy, but I believe that one should fully be dedicated to our HOME, that's why they call it Home Sweet Home. We are all dedicated in our way but I like to ignore myself and for that matter anything and anyone that make ME up once I get home. I communicate through the day with friends and co-workers that once I get home all of attention is on my home, my husband and my son. I love them so much and like to show them respect and time. Therefore, blogging, twittering, facebooking or any other socializing mode is somewhat "eliminated". I have no time for at that moment. Of course on days like today I am going to make sure that I make some "me" time..need to get my eyebrows about a 15 minute detour. My friends well they all know I love them and that I am there for them and in return I know that for the most part they are also wives and mommies so I know better than to take time from their families. So with that I think that I will probably mesh Thursday and Friday in my blog to create, Thu-FriDAY but we will THANK GOD FOR IT! :D

With that said:
  • Again this week has been crazy!
  • This week clarity and light have been brought forth and my eyes have been OPENED by new people in my life and in my sisters life.
  • This week I have been happy and in good spirits.
  • This week it seems as if life IS after all getting better.
  • This week has given me light as to the WONDERFUL, rest of the year that we have ahead of ourselves.
  • This week, new insight has been brought forth and my heart is now moving on.... no more guilt, no more pain, no more FEAR.
  • This week I walked in Faith with my EYES wide open and my HEART receptive. My entire being has been shaken and now I am aware of it ALL! Thank You God.
  • This week I have enjoyed my son and my husband to the max!
This weekend:

Hmmmm....we shall see....nothing really planned hope to relax and finally meet Little Miss. Hailey and another new born baby girl, Kimberly. Maybe even visit my friend...RUTHIE! Love you much!! :D

Hope your week was filled with TRUTH and revelation and the rest of this Lent season is a happy and prosperous one.

God is working on my little family of 3!


Dã Quỳ said...

you need to print out these great picture of your family and Santi soon. Be sure, print out in the BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG size too .... I love those pix. so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!....

I can't wait until this weekend so I can be home w/ my little ones too. !!!!

hugs you all!

Monique said...

Such a beautiful family!