Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Update and Catch up Week!

So, I started my week on a Wednesday, why? Well I have been out sick since last week, kinda.

It all started on Thursday, my son fell off of our bed and my husband frantically took him to the ER. I would have panicked, and did, cause worse things was... I was at work. For those of you who don't know me I usually get dropped off at work because parking in DT Houston is too expensive. So, I leave my truck at my moms and then she carpools me in… about 5 minutes from her house. But, on Thursday those 5 minutes seemed like hours. And, the 10 minute drive to the hospital was ETERNAL! I made it to the ER of Memorial Hermann Memorial City and found my son, still in deep sigh from his tears, and my husband distraught! Not sure what the feeling was but to make light of it…as Monica from "Friends" thought…. “I broke your baby!” My husband felt like that and worse! He is a wonderful person and even better father…and for this to have happened on his watch, well it was self disappointing to say the least…

After several hours in the ER,prayers, tears, and almost heart attacks, we made it out. Santiago Isaias, not even a scratch. Ricardo and I, both know he was lightly placed on the floor by Gods hands and that  his little Angel wings were flapping frantically… it was more of a scare, and an eye opener, for all of us! Of course like all new parents the next 4 days we would have killed someone had they said we had to leave him behind….

For the weekend we went to Dallas, to a family members wedding. It was fun and another eye opener… we can no longer pray at church, dance, or mingle without first meeting the needs of our little one. May that be to stare out the window at church or to see the rest of the kids run around the reception hall. No biggie we took turns and LOVED hearing how adorable he looked in his new outfit and how adorable he was in general, ha. We were back by Sunday night not without a pit stop at BUCEE'S, but survived the 4hours there and 4 hours back with a 6 month old and everything in between, a lot better than we expected. Santiago was great and all the while we continued to observe him per the doctors request, we checked his little soft spot and just his reactions as a whole; vomiting, uncontrollable crying and/or weird body movements. All was well and he survived a very scary fall. Our bed is about 3 feet off the ground, yes I know, my husband is tall and I use a step stool, no joke!

Monday I decided that I would stay home with Santiago all day and not only take him to his doctor’s visit but also continue to observe him. I was still worried, but knew that God was with him and that he would not leave my little Angels’ side. Well around 12:30pm, I got a horrible pain at the top of my stomach and couldn’t breathe much less move for about an hour. After the pain had subdued I went to the doctor myself and cancelled Santiago’s visit until the following day. I went to see the doctor and was told that my "red pepper" intake was not reasonable and that I should take some meds and lay off the spices for a couple of days. As a VERY Mexican woman, that’s nearly impossible….but have been doing ehhh with it. Still a little sore from my stomach and little achy I went back at work today.

Before that, I had so much going on…I finally went back to my Volunteer work and am hoping to expand on that as the year progresses. And, if Santiago allows it. I love to Volunteer but being away from Santiago is sooo “painful” right now. Didn’t know it would be this hard! So, I went back to Rodeo this year, I am a committee member of the HLSR. Which reminds me, the night Santi had his fall was Kenny Chesney’s night at the Rodeo, in a heartbeat I gave up my tickets for that night and NEVER thought back on it again until now, funny how your priorities, change had that been last year, I would have killed and cried all week! But Thank God, life is NO LONGER ABOUT ME!! Plus, I got to return a great favor for an old friend, Thank You Lola, for Alan Jackson and for taking my tickets to Kenny! So, before last Thursday, Rodeo was starting and I had been busy with meetings and information retention. Also on my plate, an Election. For those of you who don’t know me, I work in the Elections department of the Harris County Clerk’s Office. So, Elections, big or small, we are busy! Also, we got BIG news from my "little" brother which just drove me emotionally insane! But, now that it’s all out..I can talk..he is leaving Houston. Moving with his beautiful girlfriend to Florida, Destin, to be exact! Following a job offer and we are all VERY happy for them! My sis and I were initially saddened but happy at the same time. We love our brother and wish NOTHING BUT THE BEST! Goodness, so much. With all that happened, I didn’t Fast on Friday but resumed today and feel great!

Well with that note I started my week today…also about me….while at home I either don’t have time or don’t have energy to check ANY type of media/ socializing network, don't even talk on the phone...will txt if I know where my phone is. So, I really started my work and social week today, family week…that never ends! Well I usually log on to my email check all my devotionals, read and meditate. The very first title that I read was my Weekly Devotional by Dr. Tony Evans of Dallas the title…. “The Enemy is Under Your Feet!” This gave me so much HOPE and LIFE, assuring me that it was going to be a great week! It was VERY significant to me!!!! AND I LOVED IT!!!!

All of this happened…plus other things and situations…. but hey THAT’S LIFE!

Well I should be up to date on the last 2 weeks after this....haha.

Next week Santiago turns 6 MONTHS! OMG. Time. Time. Time. Where does it go?

Yesterday, Winter/Fall kinda sorta faded and Spring/Summer peeked through, so much that we put Santi in shorts and chanclas (sandals..hehehe) ! He looks sooo cute... I didn't have my camera charger so I had to do a Camera Phone pic! :(  But my Lil'Chunk looked adorable! :D

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