Monday, February 15, 2010

Not Again Monday!

I say that with an almost frantic YELL! Just seems like my week goes by EXTREMLY fast and I get almost nothing done!

Work has been steadily busy which is more than expected but I obviously still have some down time.... for my writing.....

But, once I leave here it seems like chaos hits; I run to my mother-in-laws to get my lil'chunk, then home to TRY and get something done....between traffic and getting the baby together and in and out of peoples just flies...from the moment I wake at 6am until I make it home at 6pm, I practically get no slow time mentally or physically. Especially these days at work, I was pregnant most of last year and then gone on maternity leave so I had forgotten what running back and forth between buildings and within the office was like. But much needed and appreciated! I love that I have a job and I love that more times than not my job allows me to display my talents. I may complain to those who talk to me regularly Jess, Yvonne, Casey and Ricardo but in the end.... it's a Blessing!

This week promises to be busy:

  • Lent begins Wednesday
  • Mai's burns down
  • Santi turns 5 MONTHS!
  • Ricardo has a job fair at school!
  • I have SO much to do at home!
  • I have sooo much to do this weekend....
  • Ricardo keeps saying "We HAVEN'T gone to Church!" :(

FOCUS! God will guide me!

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