Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Again Monday!

My weekend was awesome!

I felt VERY productive at my house and hope I can get one more room organized and cleared out! THEN.... a bigger project...the garage! Probably every woman's nightmare but an oasis of clean clothes for Well at least now that I wash Santi's clothes it motivates me to get through the laundry folding all those small shirts and pairing the "tiny" socks!

It's Monday work is busy but GOD has been even life I think is taking a turn for better and I love it. They say that after the Storm comes the calm but nothing matters as long as God is with me...Storm or no Storm all is well!

We also celebrated my nieces 5th Birthday just yesterday she was sooo tiny and today 5 years old! She is very shy and silly and just a smart whole hearted little girl!

We got our grocery shopping done and went to mass on Sunday, we have not been able to attend regularly but Lent has pushed me back into my Faith grooooove! God is amazing. This morning I was praising and praying all the way to work and it's just amazing to see how with God you can turn anything bad into something wonderful! I love Him!!! Let promises to be one of TRUTH!

Just can't wait for the GREAT week ahead....praying for further FOCUS and MORE LOVE!

Have a GRAND WEEK everyone!!!!!!!

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