Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Do I speak?

I try to be an open hearted and honest person. Always letting others know exactly how I feel. Being that I am human, that doesn’t always go the way I wish it would BUT I can’t find the way to stop running my mouth. More recently I have though learned to control what runs out of it.

I like to speak my mind and allow others the opportunity to speak theirs. I understand that I will not always agree with others and vice versa but I know that if I don’t express myself, I will lose who I know I should be. For years now, probably since I started my walk with Christ in 2004 after a very difficult turn in my life, I wanted to be involved and help others be involved in our Faith. I started really strong, joining a church, attending workshops and retreats; I was also Eucharistic minister and lector at church. I also volunteer a lot, everywhere not just as church along the way “collecting” special people in my life and attempting to relay what I was taught, that Jesus loves me and that NO matter what HE is here with me. But, since about 2009 when I learned I was pregnant, that energy and ability to be so involved died down. Now with my son being 6 months old I am starting to pick up speed and regain what I could have lost in that last year or so.

More importantly than attempting to bring others to Christ, I feel like I have a passion and a calling to bring young people to Christ, teenage girls or newly married young couples, but more specifically in the Hispanic community. My life has not always been about Christ and through my mistakes, even more recent ones, I have learned that the only, ONLY one I can rely on is Christ. For All my difficult problems as well as my uplifting joys! Jesus is my way of life and I can’t stop loving Him or telling the world about that love. But, I know that in order to help others and lead others, I myself need to gain guidance and leadership skills.

I have always wanted to attend a big conference where women share a common interest and where I wouldn’t have to be quiet or ashamed of my beliefs! For my regular Blog readers you may be thinking, I don’t understand. Well I am trying to win a scholarship for a Woman’s conference that takes place at the end of July. I think it will not only be a great opportunity to meet new women of Faith but also to gain valuable information that will allow me to start a new journey. The conference will help women further their skills in order to better serve for His purpose. I have included the links to where you can also get more information if you are interested.

I am just a young woman of Christ seeking His word and His Love in every instance. I realize that at 28 I may be too young to try and really help others but I know that attending a conference like this will further motivate me. May this purpose be fulfilled now or 20 years from now I know that all that I do and experience will only further prepare me for what is to come.

I never know how much I impact or if I reach people when I "speak" but I know that this would be a great opportunity to SPEAK OUT AND BE HEARD!

I also realize that there are many others out there with stories great and far more difficult than mine and I in now way think I am better than them but I definitely think that I deserve this opportunity, but it's all in God's hands now.


Anonymous said...

I think it's really great that you blog/post comments like this. It does help others like myself to know that there's someone out there who is also stuggling and maybe going through the same things. I have been through a really tuff time in my life, but somehow I came out alive. I also decided to change my life and get closer to GOD and my religion. I've attended a couple of retreats and community meetings. I'm still trying to feel complete in my heart. I just want to say that I admire your ability to "SPEAK OUT" and say how you feel.

Connie Leon said...

Thank You Diana! Not only for your comment but for sharing. It is really hard to tell the world that you are not perfect but it's the only to be truly humbled and become closer to God. I think.

Yes we all make mistakes and some are made continuously, but we need to step back and allow those mistakes to CHANGE who we are and want to be! It's hard not to judge but it's even harder to be judged!

I aim at letting others come out of their shell and ALLOWING GOD IN! :D

Again Thank You and know that if you ever need to talk or prayer, I am always here. :D