Saturday, May 22, 2010


I had a very busy day.....

First observation. 

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day!!!!!!

Then, as you may mom is a housekeeper, well so are my Aunts, the Blessing in that is that when you ask for help there are LOTS of very willing and able housekeepers available and having them in my life is simply a Blessing. especially with my little busy body son! Who is staring at me from the door way as I write. 

With that said. I woke up at 7:30am, by 8:30am my bed was made. THAT IS AMAZING. I love it. I grew up with the thought that if you wake up and make your bed it makes your body realize that your day has started and by having completely made your bed you've made your first accomplishment of the day! So for years I couldn't leave my house without making the bed...even when my husband was still in it! Haha. As the years have gone by, life and an 8 month have happened and well these days my bed is NEVER made! The way we leave it in the morning when we wake up is what we go back to sleep in, with the exception of the days when I change my sheet which is usually at night anyway so forget it...we NEVER make our bed! Therefore my bed was made at 8:30 am and at that time I made my way out the door to my morning errands. 

While I was out I realized that the McDonald's across the street from my house was full. And again I thought wow, it's been YEARS since I physically go inside a McDonald's to have a meal, let alone breakfast. That is one place that I remember our VERY traditional Mexican parents taking us for breakfast, when we were having barbacoa and consome. And thinking about it brought a smile to face. I loved that. 

I then came back home and FINALLY my house is that garage must be dealt with. Hmmmm. No willing and able anybodies to get that done...oh well. I will have a hard task this week. 

I took Santiago to a public pool for the first time today and HE LOVED IT. I didn't expect anything less. Looking forward to more visits there and then the BEACH! I love the BEACH, or Le Beach as my niece would suggest. 

In all I had a VERY productive day and enjoyed and very beautifully sunny day outdoors with my son, my sister and my nephew. It was fun! This is going to be a fun CHUCK-E-CHEESE! We just have to do it! 

Well now to a very nice evening with the girls, playing with Santi and watching movies! :D

Hope everyone had a GREAT DAY and God Bless!

Santiago in ACTION!

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