Tuesday, July 13, 2010

God’s Tiniest of Messengers.

Yesterday morning was a bit overwhelming to say the least.
You know.

Woke up late, thoughts of “ugh, why?”, and just plain old blah.

Well I got through it and out of my house and then the worse guilt was placed on me…

As I drove down the longest road to get to my mother-in-laws to leave Santiago, God touched me.

I was driving along and reached over to my son, who sits in the front seat with me, I will tell you later why this isbut I reached over at Santiago’s sign of “gimme”, he stretches his tiny Michelin man arm and opens and closes his little chunky hand. (These days it's "gimme", "gimme", "gimme", literally...he wants everything, regardless of what that may be, Ha.)

So, I gave him my hand ......and he HELD it. How did he know, that ALL I needed that morning was someone to hold my hand?And, since Daddy's not here...he was...MY LITTLE MAN, what a BLESSING....it's been a long 2 months and we have 4 more weeks to go....PRAISE HIM!

He held my thumb and pointer finger in his tiny little soft and chunky hand and looked at me straight in the eyes as to say, “It’s going to be OK Mommy.” And, my heart sank, I felt horrible….all the UGH and ahh-ing about running late, having to get him ready to go, getting myself ready to go, taking the trash out, turning all the lights out, getting my purse, his bottle, his milk, turning the AC down, did I forget my lunch?, etc, etc….

God showed me, how I allow little insignificant things to hinder my mornings and how bitter and negative I can be and quickly turn into that kind of Mom, Wife, Employee, Daughter, Sister, Friend…but He was also quick to show me that He like my son, love me, regardless of how big of a baby I can be!!

And I love them.

It touched my heart in a special place and all that early morning bickering….a waste of my breath!

Don’t want to be like that…my son deserves better…a better me!

My little Chunky Man with my son...HAHAHAHA.

And then this morning...I hear this.....I love Jimmy Needham...and he's a Houstonian!

About the car seat...you'll have to come back tomorrow...so I can explain.


Dã Quỳ said...

You make me cry, dear!!!

Yes, sometime, all we needed was someone to hold our hands! But those little hands are magic. It can take away all the sadness, tired and all the bad things happened in this world.

hugsssssssssss you all

Jamie Kubeczka said...

What a great blog you have and a beautiful family. Thank you for your sweet comment. I love finding blogs from my hometown!

Connie Leon said...

Du-Ha. Thanks!!! I love my little baby's hands and I know you are sooo Blessed because you have two beautiful little ones to hold yours!! God is good!!!! :D

Jamie! Me too..lol. I am always looking to find other people from Houston or Texas, not many people who I know Blog.. :D And Thank You for your comment! :D