Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up!

I had a great weekend with my son.

Fairly busy Saturday morning; breakfast at his Great-Grandmothers house, Peyton’s 2nd Birthday party and then Ikea!

Needless to say we were pooped! My poor little baby…

We spent Friday and Saturday night watching movies…Nemo and Shrek 1 and 2, I used my Target birthday gift card, Thank You to my co-workers! I did end up using it on Santiago..oh well. HA.

Sunday; we laid in bed until around 9am, that was FUN! Just being lazy, me and my little man. I then proceeded to cleaning and re-organizing my house and as he went from playing and eating to napping and dreaming I watched movies!

I organized and re-“decorated” my house....really, I just moved some decorations around and added pictures…but I feel really accomplished and productive! I took pictures of my re-"decorated" home but didn’t load them last night. And after a “long” weekend we went to bed at around 2am last night and still woke up early to get to work on time!

In all we had a GREAT weekend….NO rain on my side of town and Santiago’s belly….uhmm somewhat better, aside from the big rush to the Ikea bathroom and me stripping him naked to get him cleaned while he thought it was bath time and was excited… other accidents happened this weekend….

And uhm oh yeah…I now have NO privacy left…Santiago discovered that I have to have bathroom breaks…uhm not fun…funny. But not fun! No details here….Ha…..If you’re a mom, I am sure you know! :D

From this weekend:

Astros Fan…Jeff Bagwell is back! Batting coach I believe.

Despicable Me, apparently a MUST see… but how do I get Santiago to sit still in a dark and quiet atmosphere…hmmm….not sure..we shall see..or we can wait until we buy it on DVD?

And apparently lots of Houstonians waited this weekend…for a Flower? (You have to scroll down on the's called the "Corpse Flower") Wow. They say it stinks… if they want to smell something bad they should swing my house, today was trash day and uhm something smelled HORRIBLE in there! Bleh! Ahahaha.

Oh yes…and got some really cute video of Santiago dancing! Have to post that soon as well... haha. 

Blessed week everyone!!!!

Pictures and videos soon....

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