Thursday, July 29, 2010

No. Pos. Wow.

Growing up I am always reminded of that movie “Varsity Blues”, Dixie Chicks and Elote en Vaso.

Born in MISSION!
I know.

Totally skewed memories!

Thing is I grew up in a SMALL town. When I was about 12 my parents decided that we would move to the Valley. We owned a home there but mostly lived in Houston and Detroit, throughout my childhood. But, around this time, my Grandmother (My dads mom) , a stronghold in the "De La Rosa" family was very ill. She had Diabetes. But, not just like you watch your diet and take a pill. My Grandmother and most of her sisters have THAT kind of Diabetes, amputees and Dialysis patient’s kind.

So, in 1994 we left Houston and moved to Mission, Texas; home of the Mighty Mission Eagles.[ I actually lived in Alton, on the 5 mile; La milla Cinco.

For 5 years, I listen to a mix of Country and Tejano, unlike any other, a true Texan. We ate raspas, elote en vaso and "hac-docs" (as my parents would say) estilo Reynosa. (Snow cones-Mexican style, Corn in a cup, and Hot dogs like they have in Reynosa; the border town) We spoke “Spang-lish” and didn’t mind it. “I fit in”. I fell in love with trucks…BIG trucks. I fell in love with comfort. Being in a small “protected” area. I was “home”.

Except there was one problem, I was city girl! [Houston that is!]

Deep down inside; I LOVED tall buildings, craved traffic (YES…TRAFFIC), and the hustle and bustle of being a super busy "stylish" corporate junkie!

So, after 5 years, I graduated High School, some of the best years of my life. Lots of turmoil in my home/family life, but I made it out.


Even though that was “home”. I knew I couldn’t stay there forever. I needed to leave. Be ME and leave the Valley. So, I did.

It’s been 11 years since I lived in “the Valley”, the RGV! That’s my home.

I used to be so ashamed to be a country girl. So ashamed for people to know that I was A “VALLEY” girl.

In denial if you will.

Shame on me. 

But, at 29 I realize that was HOME. My comfort zone and maybe just maybe I should have never left…but if I wouldn’t have left, I wouldn’t have had what I have now; Ricardo and Santiago. The two most amazing men in my life. My safety, my comfort, my real home.

But you know what?

......I miss it.

WHAT? Yes ME, the “city girl”, MIRALA-WOW!

Yes, I miss it.

Friends. Family. Being a teen. Food. Music. Culture. Spang-lish. The “ehi Miss”, the “No es que you know what, sabes que.”, AND THE FOOD! MAN THE FOOD! I love it.

Not sure who this man is...but he is selling ELOTE EN VASO!

But, these days; in the city, we attempt to escape it and live in a suburb, kind of…and though Houston is our "home" we plan on leaving it somewhat behind and build our dream home…yes in the COUNTRY!

It’s peace. It’s quiet. It's home.

You take the girl out of the Valley but you can’t take the Valley out of the girl.

Porque dices? (Why was this my topic today?)

Just yesterday in the Kroger by my house a lady walked past me while saying; “ehh, ira mija, las carrots estas estan bien purdy.” …yes this is where you can laugh… “Mejor you know what, dejà las otras and get some of these.” And it takes me back 11 years to a place where no one would have laughed at her and others would have said, “No pos’ wow, si, estas carrots estan major, gi’me’sum.” [Smiles]

And, on the radio the other day; I hear this [Bobby Pulido] and thought…yes…I remember los dias de ayer. Cuando escuchaba a Selena, Jaime de Anda, and Gary Hobbs! Those days were the shi’snik (as my hubby would say)!

Just takes me back.

To the RGV.


And because of technology and Internet, and oh yes Facebook, I have reconnected with SO many old High School friends and I can’t help but think….ahhhh I wish I WAS THERE!

One day I will teach my son about true Southern Hospitality, Deep South Cooking and the Love of our culture!

Tex-Mex. Because we are Texan but we are also Mexican.
Me in HS...My Junior year with a good friend, who I recently found on Facebook!

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