Friday, July 30, 2010

Must be a Mommy/Creative Week!

Ok, so I totally got this new idea.

A Blogger that I follow created a "Purge Book", well I am totally going to steal the idea and create my own (borrowed) recipe book! Should be fun!!!! It may be more like a binder but you get my drift! Ha. I will work on it and show it to you later...

This is something that I created the year (2006) I got married to keep all my new Wife papers together. I was very proud of it! But, looking at it now, it's not my most creative or nice looking work, Ha. It served it's purpose though. I had all my bills, medical information, name change paper work and all others in it. I had a Marriage prayer on the front and Bible Verses on the back for when it all weighed me down. The "I am not FORGOTTEN", it's my FAVORITE Israel Houghton song!

In the mean time know that Tuesday, I did a little "ME" shopping..ALTHOUGH everything was from the Clearance rack.....I still felt super guilty and went back and returned like 10 million things! Ok, just 2 shirts went back but I really didn't feel comfortable in them......this is what I kept:

My Fav is the Green one with the's cute... $3 at TARGET!

I also bought my beautiful son some pretty snazzy shorts:.

FOR $2!

And these cute little "Snack Bags" from the Dollar section at Target: 

Already in use: 

I ALSO tried this new "thing", my Sis in Law [::Waves:: "Hi, Ale!" ::Smiles::) is doing this whole "HerbaLife" thing. Well I was a total non-believer; until that night! I had a "super" "secret" Green Tea, to "give me energy" and call me crazy or totally susceptible to the power of suggestion but IT WORKED! No joke. Before I drank it I was so tired and want to just go to bed when I got home but then I had it and was like the Tasmanian devil for hours! [Good and Bad]

But yeah!

As you can may...or may NOT....still be "working"...hmmmm..... [::laughs for no reason::]

In all, I had a good little time shopping that day....and then came number one I am getting ready for Santi's first Birthday and number is my weakness.

I went to Archiver's which by the way...they are evil...hahaha...not really but wait.... I went to return a hole punch($25.99)...(found the same one for $11.00 at Hobby Lobby, with a 40% off single item coupon)

Well, I went determined to get my money back....I walked in, approach the "nice" cashier and tell her I want to return and item. She then tells me "Ok great do you wanna shop around while I get this ready for you?"

I didn't want to be rude so I said sure..this is where they are evil..and I am weak...I found "stuff"..end of story I came back to the register and only walked out with a $19.00 dollar return.

You do the math....

With my return at Target, the 2 shirts that didn't sit well with me, I got $40.00 back. That's probably why they didn't sit well with me, all the others were less than $6 a piece! But then ended up buying some toys for Santiago's Birthday goodie bags to give out to the kids...they had some CUTE stuff! 

I couldn't resist! 

Leave you with this: I also wanted to share what my at home "creative" workstation looks like. It's my dining room table...I know..I need to work on a better creative space!  

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