Saturday, July 31, 2010

Santiago (My Tiny Chunk of a Man)

Month 10 (July 16, 2010) --this is about 15 days OVERDUE! I know....-- and in 16 days..I will be working on HIS 11TH MONTH UPDATE! O.M.GOSH!


You said "MONTH WHAT??!?!?"; I know…so did I!

Number 1, it totally crept up on me and number 2…can you believe it???

Seriously this month has come too fast. My baby will soon be a toddler!

Yes the “exhaustion” continues but this month was such a roller coaster of emotions that I didn't have time to think about it! I like it that way.

I know that I emphasize A LOT on the exhausting part of having a son but I hope everyone also understands or realizes how much fun it is! How amazing and awestruck you can feel just to have a child! And I hope it never comes off as bitter or complaining... I love my son with all my heart and LOVE having him in my life!

It's just not an easy task and I think most, if not all, mom's can agree, being a mom is the single most difficult and challenging job I have ever had! And let me tell you I have had some jobs! Ha. But with this new stage of my life, I must be TOO many people all at once! Christian/Catholic, Mom, Wife, daughter, sister, friend, neighbor, co-worker, funny person, supporter, consoler, housekeeper, accountant, babysitter, listener; trust me the list goes on and on!

I mean look at my life...what is there not to love?

And, my “attempt” to be a “single mom”…total fail. I have been frustrated, lonely and just plain miserable at times. My friend who is a Single Mom reminded me of how long she has been a Single Mom for and allowed me some perspective as to how EASY I have it…. Love You “T”.

Needless to say I have many wonderful Blessings in my life and have truly gained new appreciation for them, especially my husband whom I miss tremendously. You see I am usually a hardheaded, spoiled and naggy wife…with my husband gone….I realized this a LOT more…my husband even jokes by asking…so now do you miss me? I would usually say no, just to be stubborn, BUT these days it’s… "O.M.GOSH, YESSS!"

This month I also realized that although I was so jealous (and upset, and mad, and BITTER) of the fact that my husband got to stay home with my 'Ago from his this 3rd month until his 8th; for almost 3 months now I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy his new mobile adventures and he has sadly been missing some very cute and very joyous milestones!

But we all signed up for this Internship and it has definitely been for the best and in the end it will be to better our little family of 3! We are VERY grateful for it and it was a true Blessing this summer, although I didn't have too much money at the end of the month we paid all of our bills and got to have some fun as well!


  • Santiago now has 6 teeth and 2 more in the works…yes..he has some good eating chompers and good thing.. cause he LOVES to eat!
  • He now crawls almost to a “run” or “sprint” if you will, this kid is quick and he is YES… EVERYWHERE!
  • He is TRYING to stand alone and still has “I can walk alone complex”.
  • He is VERY "vocal" now, KNOWS exactly what to do to get your attention, how to “ask” for more and how to “ask” for help amongst other very amusing sounds and gestures!! Gestures “gimme” and wants everything!
  • He LOVES to play with his Grandparents, tiring them out beyond their wildest imaginations; I think some days they wish they had stunt doubles, I KNOW I DO!
  • He is VERY spoiled by EVERYONE.
  • He is very, very good at sleeping at night now, pretty much through the night, out at 10pm up at 6:30am. Mostly due to his SUPER EXTREMELY ACTIVE days! Not a bad thing, I am Blessed to have a HAPPY and HEALTHY baby!
  • He is very observant {Partly because he is witnessing the WORLD for the first time!
  • Has MANY emotions; happy, grumpy, sleepy, hungry, thirsty, lazy, tired; maybe that’s how they came up with the 7 dwarfs names! By watching babies! Ha.
  • He grunts when he doesn’t like something.
  • He dances and LOVES music!
  • He eats cheerios!
  • He loves to play and be silly!
  • He is very attached to me, yaaay and then boo! Ha.
  • He helps me pack and unpack now!
  • He loves dresser drawers and doors!
  • He loves knowing that he's accomplished something; like all humans; like when he climbs over things or reaches for toys! I guess it’s reassurance!

  • That he looooves to DANCE!!
  • Bugs! YES…and he loves to touch, feel and explore!
  • I love when he looks out onto something new…almost everything at this point…and his glare of wonder and excitement all in one…he can’t contain himself and marvels at it…even if it just a piece of lint! Ha.


  • Saying NO in a way that he understands.
  • Finding new and creative ways to keep him from being bored. (i.e. Shakers and Flashcards)
  • Having to deal with the illnesses Santi's and my own...on my own!
  • Having to deal with all the house chores and bills on my own
  • Having to handle IMPORTANT DECISIONS over the phone with the hubs!
  • Sadness and Loneliness; mostly related to my husband not being around to help me right now!

  • Separation Anxiety, ESPECIALLY AFTER NAPS! And in this last week or so when I leave him at his Grandma’s house for the day…..he clenches to my arm and it just breaks my heart.
  • Not getting his way and throwing fits and yes even holding his breath. Which is totally normal, I hear!
  • Hitting others, SCRATCHING AND BITING!
  • Being bored
  • Having to wake up early to be taken to his place of daily care, his GranMa’s house
  • Being easily scared by new objects AND sounds, like mom and dad’s laugh, it really freaks him out.
  • Fever
  • Cold
  • Diarrhea
  • Teething
  • Getting him to go to sleep without an overnight bottle
  • Getting him to sleep alone in his crib!
  • Getting him to go to sleep at his bedtime!

Height: 29 5/8 Inches —90th percentile (Same as before)

Weight: 20.8 lbs---50th percentile (Same as before)

Next doctor’s visit: At 1 YEAR of age! (2 months)

What to look forward to:

His Baptism, still in the works.

His first Birthday!!! Only 2 months away.

The ZOO!

The Museum.

Trips and Travel in August.


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