Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Here we go...AGAIN!

How are you and where have you been?

Have been the two most common questions the last couple of weeks.

Well A LOT has happened since our little “Blog-cation”. Santiago and I left seeking to come back with Papa Bear. And well. We came back as a beautifully Blessed little family of 3. And, as most of you know our world is once more about to change.

We have been very busy since we returned “rested” and “ready” for the new season in our lives. My husband had been patiently awaiting school to begin once more and a job to call him about a new assignment. He has since started school and now work. He is no longer at home, caring for our little Chunk. Our little Chunk is off on his own little adventures now....  

You can only imagine the new on-slew of adventures, exploring and discoveries Santiago has made. From making mommy die of laughter and “awww” at the cuteness to giving mommy a little too much to do and lots of mess to clean up… BUT EH. Boys will be boys!

And there is nothing I can do but love, clean and love some more.

So, why are our lives about to change, again?

Well, story of my life, as soon as I had decided to finally “start a diet and exercise regimen” (Bwahahahaaaaaa!) my waist line will once more be expanding! We didn’t expect to be parents again so soon, but a new Blessing is VERY MUCH WELCOMED. We were ecstatic to see the word “PREGNANT” light up our EPT. For some odd reason the surprise was much bigger this time and emotions have been running high.

As you can imagine.

That’s probably called the “surprise” factor, we loved it. When we found out about Santiago, regardless of how “unplanned” it was, it was expected. This time, NOT expected BUT WELCOMED JUST AS MUCH!

As we told family and friends, Ricardo joked that the only one still unaware of what was going on was Santi. But, all his whining and fussing lately makes me think otherwise (call it an “old wives” tale) but I think he feels the presence of a new little someone.

While the hours will grow longer and the days will seem eternal we are happy to be a Mommy and Daddy of TWO (Dos)! I pray that our new Blessing will be strong, healthy and happy just like my Santi. Boy or Girl. He or she will be welcomed with warm loving arms. I wish for a pretty little girl to add some spice to our already chaotic mix but only God knows. And, at week 20 plus you better believe that I will be scheduling my gender ultrasound. Ha.

No matter what the next 28 weeks or so, brings me I will and have embraced it as always……
With Faith and Love. Patience and Humility.

This time around will be different for sure. I will know what to expect. Being that it’s so soon after my Santi, I will more than likely having a C-Section. I pray that this time around, I don’t freak out and that I don’t have any type of anesthesia reactions. I am glad that we have an already preset birth plan and that more than likely my due date will be scheduled. I hate waiting. I am horrible at being patient. And, I just love knowing that a new little baby will join us soon.

Our first doctors visit was yesterday...I am 12 weeks and baby looks perfectly well.

Thank you everyone for all the well wishes, Blessings, and Congrats!

We are ecstatic and can’t wait to share what the next 6 months, or so, will bring us!

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