Friday, November 19, 2010

My "Niche"

This week I established that I want to take my Blog; "to the next level!" Whatever that means and entails? In return I have started doing some research and thinking of topics and different "features" I want my Blog to have. 

Just today I read a "Mommy Blog" where the Blogger established that one must find your "niche" before moving into the "Big Time". I don't have super "killer" photography skills, though if time ever permits I wouldn't mind taking a class or two. I am not a very studied or skilled writer, I don't think. Although, through college I had pretty good grades in my English classes and all those Psychology research papers made me famous; not literally but with my classmates and teachers. In the past I have been told, mostly by my Husband, a very bias critic, that I am an amazing writer. I think it's his way of getting me to help with his homework. I think I am average. But, working on it everyday, hence the Blog.

What I am and what I feel has become my passion more so in the last year is being a Wife and now a Mommy! If I had one thing to say that I was truly passionate about it would be my little family of soon to be 4! 

I love being a wife. I love experiencing God in my life. I love having a son and being pregnant again! These were not words that years ago, at say 24, I thought I would ever say. I was a very career ambitious person. A woman who thought like many at 24; that I was on top of the world and deserved nothing less than diamonds and caviar!


I have changed.

Which brings me to my first passion; Jesus. I love God. He has done amazing things in my life and is a huge reason why today I am a Wife and a Mom! 

So, what would I say is my "niche"?

Family and FAITH!

A more thorough explanation? I would say that situations, people and things that bring forth an evolving and growing family and a stronger and more obedient Faith is what I am passionate about. Evolving as an individuals in every aspect of my life and growing as a whole with my family.  I have matured much more than I could have ever imagined and I have learned from every failure and mistake as much as I know I can. And, I want to continue to learn and grow.

I am a  huge advocate of marriage and Godly husband/wife relationships. My LOVE for God is what allows me to learn everyday that every marriage no matter how great could always use a little help. It's the little time of maintenance that creates a wonderful, lasting, and respectful marriage. It's about communication and passion for one another in every aspect.

I am also a HUGE advocate for education. I will tell you many times that I am a University of Houston Alum, it's not to brag but for people to know that I am proud of my accomplishments and wish the same education success to all other young Hispanic students! I can also then say that I am a HUGE advocate for; culture. My Hispanic, Mexican/American roots that is. I love meeting and hearing success stories of other young Hispanic men and women who are achieving everything and anything that they set their minds to! 

As for my Faith, I am making mistakes everyday and growing because of them. Learning, humbling myself and moving on. That's all I can do!

In all, I am not sure I have fully evolved into my "niche" but I feel like I am certainly working hard everyday to get there. Only time will tell.

Have you found your "niche"?

If so what is it? I would love to know!

On a side note:
I have my Gender Ultrasound Monday. Above all I want to see my baby again and make sure he or she is ok! I pray that my pregnancy continues fairly uneventful. Come next week we will know, if Santiago will have a new little Sister or Brother!

We are excited!

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend and I hope everyone comes back next week to read more about the new adventures and ideas that my brain and heart develop!

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