Wednesday, November 10, 2010

~Praise and Worship Wednesdays~

Yes, it's been a while.

Today, I want to discuss; "Choices".

It seems to be the theme.

"You have a choice -
You can either worry or worship.
You can either pray or panic.
The more you pray, the less you'll panic. Relax, because God will take care of you!"
~Purpose Driven Connection by Rick Warren
Choices come in various forms; pink or blue, fries or tots, fish or chicken, sweets or not, divorce or marriage, children or pets, friends or acquaintance....

As you can see CHOICES make up our everyday and in every way!

My biggest choices these days have come in the form of Diabetes; yes Gestational Diabetes.

I should have expected it but I was thinking happy thoughts the last 17 weeks. I suggest you become informed, especially if you are like me and everyone, YES everyone in your Dad's family has it and well you are genetically inclined to have it as well.

My choices is to be aware. Be active. Be pro-active. Be positive. Make GOOD health choices. And move forward!

What are you choices today? Are you taking that leap of Faith and making the Faith-filled choices? Are the choices for you and for your well being?

Today I choose to be happy and do the right thing. Even if that means that the Dr. Pepper and chocolate filled chocolate donut have to wait for me for 5 months! YES 5 more months to go!

No biggie. I have Faith.

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