Friday, February 18, 2011

CAMILA Update ♥


{Pregnancy Updates}
·         How Far Along: 32 Weeks
·         Size of baby: According to my doctor, Camila is 5 lbs and 3 oz, about 2 ½ lbs larger than she should be. But, I am praying that she will remain healthy and active. And that I can carry her until the 38th week, when she is currently scheduled to arrive. There are too many possible complications if she is born before, BUT it will be God’s will and NOT mine, ultimately..He will know when she is ready to arrive.
·         Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained between 7 and 9  lbs (Some weeks I lose it, not sure how! The weight not my brain…that I lose everyday…HA!)
·         Maternity Clothes: I am as of 30 weeks wearing my old maternity clothes { mostly jeans and pants and some shirts~} and some of my old regular clothes. My doctor was amazed that I was able to get away with regular clothes for this long!
·         Gender: It's a girl!!! We already know this....and I love the name Camila Isabel { and I said that “That's what I am sticking to!” but have recently had a change of heart…we shall change on the Camila just on the middle name. I like my new change, LOTS, very meaningful….}
·         Movement: She is VERY active now, DAY AND NIGHT..I love it and feel very happy every time she karate chops me! Brings tears to my eyes just to think about it as I write and as I see her foot or knee move about in my belly… she is VERY visible now…
·         Sleep: Sleep? What’s that? No really I am that point…where sleep is a wonderful luxury….even though I am not as big as I was Santi at this time and the heartburn has NOT yet set in…I am very uncomfortable and finding my goodnight spot is very difficult….but I manage…..
·         What I miss: Other than my ENERGY, maybe my agility and the ability to bend over!  HA!
·         Cravings: Hmmm…. Enchiladas, BBQ, and uhm……Jello!
·         Symptoms: Mostly TIREDNESS and lack of energy, in total waddle mode now, back pain, leg pain, some nauseous-ness, and just tired most days.
·         Best Moments so far:  Every time I tell Santi to say Hi to the Mama, he comes over, lifts my shirt {no matter where we are!} and kisses my belly! I love it!!!  And of course seeing my baby every week in our weekly monitoring and ultrasounds…seeing her move around under my shirt everyday more and more..I think she is anxious to be here…we are ANXIOUS to meet her as well!!!
·         Updates about this week: This week at our weekly monitoring we discovered that she is bigger than she is supposed to be and may have to arrive sooner than March the 30th which is when is scheduled to be here… via C-section. Just waiting and praying that all goes well.
·         Momma Perks: Same as 6 weeks ago… Ha. Because I've been so sick my husband hasn't even asked one night why dinner isn't cooked {instead he runs out and gets us take out!} or why I am laying in the middle of a pile of dirty clothes. And, because I have started to feel sooo pregnant, I don't care that my house looks like a robber came in specifically to mess everything up and take nothing! lol! That plus the fact that I have a 17 month old leaves me with little worry for what my house does or doesn't look like at this moment! Love it!
Over all, I feel Happy. Some days sad and overwhelmed but BLESSED nonetheless! I am waiting….we are all waiting and God is watching over us and taking us through each step to reach our next goal….for His purpose….NOT OURS! I HAVE FAITH. Lots.
Camila HAS ALREADY STARTED BUILDING A WARDROBE Thanks to her Auntie Jess {My sis} and Kathy {One of my Besties!}

I still have not started working on Camila's nursery! You see, we are STILL trying to finish up remodeling our kitchen, once that nightmare is over, I can start on my DREAM....of PINKS AND LILAC and butterflies all over! I love it!

{Blog-cation will be over soonnnnn, I hope..hehehehe :D }

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love you all! Can't wait to meet little Camila though.