Wednesday, February 23, 2011

~Mommy Wish List~

Some things that have recently made my heart skip a beat:

I want...{yes like a little spoiled girl, hehehe}..and NO..I don't have one yet...a James Avery charm bracelet and I want...these two charms...

I need...yes I really do... mani/pedi, waxing, and a really ask Ricardo and his little cousins and his sister..who have all seen me in shorts and barefoot recently...HA.

I dream of having...a Canon!

I have Faith that my Husband will graduate this year! Go Coogs!

I can't wait to hold my daughter in my arms and to see Santi's reaction to it all...should be say the least!

I long to be so filled with His peace and everlasting Love that no one can shake me from my place....

I pray that Ricardo and I can be the parents that Santi and Cami need, that I can be an organized and realistic Momma of Dos, and that God gives me patience in all situations. 

I have been Blessed with many amazing people in my life...

I give Thanks for all those amazing people in my life!

Finally, I know that no matter what, God will provide and that God is with my family as we grow, learn, make mistakes, and move forward....

{A little different kind of wish list today...but a "wish list" nonetheless....and you....what's your wish list looking like these days?}

A picture of my little man on one of his Lil'Man Missions:

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