Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Camila ♥ Month ONE {Yes already}


Depending on the day, I will tell you that, it's either AMAZING...or really realllllly difficult. I've had a much closer tab this time around on my emotional state than when I had Santiago. 
Some days are GREAT filled with amazing Blessed moments. And others, I want to sit and cry and feel like a total failure as Mother. 

I will say that having TWO children is just beyond my expectations and beyond the Blessings I thought I would have by the age of 30! 

Camila is a sweet and gentle contrast to our Super Boy Santi. She is definitely all that we will need to balance out this almost all boy home.
Recovery has been tough, but with her in my arms day in and day out...all I can say is Thank You God and this life is so worth it! 

Having another human being as my most loved responsibility, sounds scary and overwhelming, it can be, but to know that God has entrusted ME to watch over 2 of his little Angels, just blows my mind! I am reminded again that this selfish life that I once led is NO longer about me! It hasn't been for almost 2 years now. I can't even remember my selfish and self-centered stubborn ways, who has time to be so into themselves, I think this now. That's what having a child does to us, it's a constant reminder of maturity and how we used to be. 

They say that having a baby changes EVERYTHING. If you don't have children of your own, you have no idea {trust me, I know}, and when you do, you will remember me. If you do have children, then you know exactly what I am talking about! 

The responsibility. The Love. The commitment. The sleep-less nights. The Faith. The smiles. The hugs. The tiny beating hearts. The Blessing. The hope. 

It's all God given. 

I do complain. I am human. Again some days ARE REALLY DIFFICULT. But, that is just life in general. I wouldn't change any of my God given Blessings for the world. My husband, my children, their health, our love, our faith, our family, our friends, and the fact that we can share it all. 

Camila came unexpected yet so expected. She has truly completed our little family of 4. She has Blessed us in so many ways. She is a Blessing. And, we can't stop Thanking God for her and for Santiago. They are who we have waited for our whole lives to love. Thank You Jesus. You are good.


Hmmmm....where to start?

Camila is Camila. 

  • She is very strong. 
  • She is very loud! 
  • She is very much Miss. Attitude according to her dad who swears she rolled her eyes at him at her birth when he announced that he was her dad!  If you know my husband. You know he is a riot! 
  • She has definitely established ownership over her Momma. 
  • She is growing very fast. 
  • She is resting and gaining energy to keep up with her brother!  
  • She is a night owl. 
  • She loves to be held. 
  • She loves to just look. 


  • I think by now she has discovered that older brothers can be mean..but they love sooo much! {Santi has slapped her 3 times...but after 3 time outs..he's is doing sooo much better!}

  • I think she knows that her Daddy can't let her she cries extra loud when he is around. 

  • I think she's discovered that when you sleep no one bothers you....HA. 

  • She is just getting to know the world around her but I know the next month will literally be an eye opener for her!   

Momma Challenges:

  • Recovering from my C-section.
  • Coping emotionally with not being able to be around my son for about a week or so. 
  • Coping with having to take care of TWO children; one who is SUPER active and the other who is completely dependent right now. 
  • Recovering from my C-section...did I mention that..I am still NOT fully recovered..but praying EVERYDAY for healing. 
  • Dealing with minimal sleep.
  • Returning to horrible sleep patterns. 
  • Having to take care of TWO children almost completely on my own after only a week and half of having had my C-section. {My husband wasn't working or in school when Santi was born..which was a HUGE help} 

Baby Challenges:

Adjusting to her new loud and busy home, her new brother, the Houston heat, and this world as a whole... 

As of her last Dr's visit she was 21 and 3/4 she was 20 inches at birth. 
Weight: As of her last Dr's visit she was 9lbs 2 oz she was 8lbs 14oz at birth.
Next doctor’s visit: May for her 2 Month check up.
What we are looking forward to: 
  • Her personality to continue to shine through
  • Her new discoveries
  • How she starts growing and adjusting to life
  • How she will interact with her brother
  • For her to be a bit more alert, active and awake..ha. 
  • EVERYTHING right now!


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Dã Quỳ said...

Wow ....It's been a month already? Can't believe it!

How is your incision? Is it healing okay or having any complication? Please keep us updated!!

Look at Camila! She's growing fast though.

XOXO all of you!

Be strong, dear! Now you know how tired I am after Vy and for right now though .:) :) ......

hugsssssss ...and more hugsssssssss

Keep praying for each other, okie!