Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Normal Things.

I grew up in a "normal" family. 

Until I "grew up" and realized my family wasn't "normal" at all. 

Someone was always living with us; whether it was a Grandmother, an Aunt, an Uncle, a Cousin, or that family friend you called an Uncle or a Cousin or an Aunt...or a Grandmother. Thinking back on it. My family was far from normal, as most Hispanic families, in our culture we don't believe in putting people out. We'd rather cram into a 2 bedroom apartment as long as the "family" sticks together. Not to mention, my parents have never owned a home and to this day, they rent.

As for schedules, forget about it. My mom worked, cleaning houses, still does, crazy amount of hours. My dad, was, is a contractor, has worked crazy schedules all his life. My siblings and I used to walk home from school almost everyday. Something that these days, terrifies me to think that my children would at 10,7, and 5 {that's how old my sister and brother were when we walked home from school} walk home alone.  This world is so dangerous, I know that now. My parents were young, naive, too busy, new to the USA, call it what you want..these husband and I think back at how our parents raised us. It was far from normal and at times dangerous. 

We survived with somewhat minimal trauma and mildly bad memories. I guess. 

My parents have never been perfect and neither has their relationship. I grew up, beside my parents; as they too lived, learned and made mistakes. 

So, when I was younger I decided that I would do what was "normal". I run towards normalizes.

I graduated High School, went to college and graduated, married my college sweet-heart, we bought a small home in the suburbs, 3 years after being married we had our fist child and now at almost 5 years of marriage we have 2 beautiful children. Normal? Right? 

I mean. Our schedules are awful, I am not a stay at home mom and my husband is still in college and is an intern but our life is seemingly average and normal. I like that. I seek it. 

I want my children to grow up, in that true American dream household; I mean that's why my parents came here in the 80's. 

I say it everyday we are NOT perfect but we Love one another and I know that "normal" or not, our little family of 4 has survived, we have made it so far and I pray that we make it a great distance more!

{This topic came up as a result of an article in Parenting Magazine which discussed how families these days are not the "average American" household; where the family of 4 has a father who works and mom who stays home. But, that's what I am after... to be average and normal, it's the new different! }

{My Little Family of Four}

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