Friday, June 3, 2011

{Happiness at 30}

I think this list will require lots of thought but here I go.

My 30 most Happiest moments in the last 30 years!

{Happy at 30}

  1. The day my Son, Santiago, was born.
  2. The day my Daughter, Camila, was born.
  3. The day I married my friend of 7 years. {August 19, 2006, now married for almost 5 years! Together for 12!}
  4. The day I found out I was pregnant with Santiago!
  5. The day I found out I was pregnant with Camila!
  6. When I graduated from College. {U of H Alum, Class of 2005
  7. When my sister graduated from College. {GO COOGS! Class of '07}
  8. The day I found out my Sister was pregnant.
  9. The day my nephew Olin was born.
  10. When I last saw my Aunt Lola from Detroit, I was 7 months pregnant with my son.
  11. The day I got engaged. {August 13,2005}
  12. When I found out that I had gotten my first real job in the Medical field, at Texas Children's Hospital. 
  13. The weekend I spent in Reynosa with all my cousins for our Aunt Carmen's wedding. 
  14. The day my Father came back to our family, unharmed and ready to start over..... 
  15. The day I realized how Big, Loving and Forgiving God is!  {September 2004}
  16. My first Mother's day! 
  17. My second Mother's day! 
  18. The day I heard the news of my Husband getting an out of state Internship. 
  19. The day my younger brother Max was born. {16 years ago}
  20. The day  I made my H.S. drill team.
  21. The day my Husband asked me to be his Girlfriend. {November 2, 1999}
  22. Spending the day with my cousin Yoli on her last visit to Houston before becoming a DOI-TORA!
  23. I didn't know it then....but the day I met my husband... August 13, was a FRIDAY! We got engaged the same day 6 years later.... CRAZY! Andddd we got married 7 Years and 6 days later...
  24. My Son's first birthday...who can forget the candy-less piñ's a long storyyyy....
  25. When my Husband and I went to Jaral del Progresso, GTO to baptize his cousin Erick's {wife Rosy's} first Son.....nuestro Ahijado, Alan Yahir.
  26. The day my Son was Baptized..Thank You to our Compadres : Gabgab and Juan.
  27. The day I found out my Comadre Gabgab was preggers!
  28. The day I found out my good friend Yvonne was preggers....and that we would be preggers together!
  30. The day a tumor the size of a grapefruit was removed from my uterus and the doctor's said it wasn't Cancer...
I am sure there are many and plenty more and will be. For now these are the ones I could think of!

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