Friday, June 3, 2011

My Head {Mind} Spinz!


When I think, envision, imagine and dream....

I want to sprint, burst, leap and collapse. ALL. AT. ONCE. 

I just think of the infinite possibilities. The what-if's, the ideas, the creativity, the life of___, and I wonder. 

What? How? When? Really? No??? Maybe? Hmmmm?

And then I search.... I can't find anyone quite like me...I mean..I am not so super special and unique...or am I? Where are all the others like me? How do they make it work?

I want to know. 

I am a full-time, work outside the home Momma and Wife. Unlike most Bloggers, I am not a professional writer, photographer, web designer {or techy person that way, I try my best} or crafter {suppper jealous!} but I do consider myself a Blogger!  

So, I wonder... are there other Momma's {Wife} like me out there...who have a full-time corporate job and  BLOG!

If you know one...tell me...if you are me..I want to know you!  

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