Wednesday, May 18, 2011

{On a Lighter Note}

My Sister and I were discussing our Autobiographies {Yes. You read correctly..we think about these things. Ha. Ha. } ... and I decided that mine would be a Comedy! 

Life is too short to take yourself, or anything for that matter, so serious. 

So, then I spoke to my husband about it {true story. Ha.} and we decided that once it's made into a full length movie the cast would be as follows:

I would be played by Eva Mendes {The Hubby's choice...can you tell...can you blame him!? Ha.}

He would be played by George Lopez {My Husband is a true riot!}

Santiago would be played by Rico Rodriguez {because we think Santiago will be as equally goofy as his Dad}

And My Cami would be played by the ever so cute Selena Gomez {plus her last name is Gomez!}

I present to you...the cast of our Autobiographical Movie! 

We are still working on the title..... 

What about you?! 
Who would play you in your Autobiography?

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